10m frontage home designs

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10m wide home designs

10 is a pretty important number. I mean it’s no 11.11 but it’s up there! And, a 10m frontage home design may just be exactly what you’re looking for. Almost all of WA’s top estates are full of ‘em but it can take a hefty dose of design smarts to make them everything you need. That’s where we come in. We’ve built hundreds of 10m wide homes and we can even pair them with land starting from just $282* pw. Yep, for the house and land. So, if you’re looking for a 10m frontage home, keep on scrolling. Ours have storage, space, extras, and all the modern features you would expect for your new home.And here they are in all their shining glory …

Your design, your way

10m frontage home designs that come out of Smart’s brain trust (aka our design studio) can be three or four bedrooms. So, a smaller block does not mean that you have to compromise on space. In fact, our 10m wide homes are totally customisable, so you can design your new home exactly how you’ve always envisioned it. We don’t subscribe to the ‘one size fits all’ idea – we don’t even wear hats that say that on the tag! Our Smart homes are all about celebrating your uniqueness and creating a home that feels like, well, home. Check out our fave design with a 10m frontages to get your inspiration flowing:

  • The Harbour It’s the 10m frontage house plan that makes family time a priority! There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge open planned family space, AND a private theatre room for all your Goggle Box outtakes.

It’s the urban feelin’

10m frontage homes are perfect for inner city homes and those that love the urban scene. And who wouldn’t love not having to doubt if Uber Eats is going to deliver to your new home? And then there’s the new bakery scene that’s turning our city walkways into the sweetest smelling streets in the country (better than the Subway cookie smell for sure)! Okay, it’s not all about food (??) when you’re a city person, your home is destined to have a certain feeling that brings the energy of the streets into your home. It may be Highgate, Subi, West Leederville, Maylands, or Mt Hawthorn; your urban-feeling home is something that fits a 10m frontage home to a T(ea cake).

Everything about your 10m frontage home design is all you: your lifestyle, your needs, your space, your SMARTS! Thinking of going a little wider? Check out our chats about 12m frontage homes and 15m wide home designs, or, see more narrow block designs.