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The Smartie Guide to ‘The HomeBuilder Scheme’ Grant

The scheme has landed

The smartie HomeBuilder grant

We’ve all been hearing whispers about the Australian Government’s stimulus package and now it’s confirmed and it’s called HomeBuilder*. All $25k of it! This $25k means a hell of a lot of YAY for you! For one, you can buy a new home AND STILL HAVE A LIFE! Smart huh? A chill $25k will save you from scrimping on date nights, new kicks, holidays (or staycations) and UBER Eats. Because, really, who was planning on giving up their gourmet burger nights? Not. Us.

But why stop at $25k of yays when you can multiply them and get more good feels and savings? Answer: you don’t. So the State Government is putting their money where their mouth is and adding more yays to the table. An extra $20k to be precise. Which is available to any West Aussies looking to build a new home.

Reading got you down? Hit play!

* The new government stimulus on residential housing is subject to terms and conditions, with eligibility criteria applying. Please contact us for further information.

We ♥ free money math. Particularly when it’s this simple: 

$25k of yays – Courtesy of the Federal Gov’s HomeBuilder* Grant


$20k of extra yays – Thanks to the State Gov’s Building Bonus Grant


$10k of omg wow yays with the First Home Owners Grant


$55k off your new Smart home

Details please! What’s the HomeBuilder grant?

Well, it’s the HUGE cash injection you’ve always hoped for, and now you don’t have to save for it! We’ve never seen anything like it before and, in a smart nutshell, its life-changing. ScoMo has essentially become a Smart ambassador with this HomeBuilder scheme, offering you part of a $688 million economic package. It’s available on homes purchased from July 2020 and December 2020 and you can still access the $10k FHOG on top of this $25k! #HELLYAY

HomeBuilder sounds goood. Who’s it for?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably for you. Maybe you’re renting with your sister and her cats, living in a share house with drizzling shower pressure … still living with the parentals (nuff said)? Either way, you’ve been holding your breath and waiting for a sign to build, and there’s no smarter sign than $25k! You can be a first home builder or a second homeowner but it’s only available on homes $750k and under (pssst that’s ALL of our Smart homes). When it comes to the fine print, singles must have regular income and be earning under $125k p/a. For couples, it’s $200k combined income p/a. If that’s you, you’re about to get stimulated!

The Grand Madeleine Display Home Elevation in Ellenbrook by Smart Homes For Living

I’m keen. How do I get YAY’d with HomeBuilder’s 25K?

All you have to do is find out if you qualify for the HomeBuilder grant. It’s just a few deets and then you’ll be on your way to the easiest $25k. Even the Jenner’s don’t have it that easy – okay, they do but whatevs. You’ll need to have regular income and, even if you’re on Jobkeeper, you could still be eligible for a home loan through our inhouse finance smarties. Who are these inhouse smarties we speak of? They’re Loan Co and they know all about securing your grant plus a whole lot about the most economical way to purchase and preserve office snacks, but that’s a story for another day.

Umm, I want more free $$$. Say, $45k?

What, $25k not enough? We totally get it! Enter, the State Government’s very own stimulus package. They’re calling it the Building Bonus* program. A name which means absolutely nothing to you or us, yet. (But does bring back some fond memories of the baby bonus…). Simply put, it’s an extra $20k fronted by the State that’s available to all West Aussies looking to build a new home. You can use it with the Homebuilder grant to save a smart $45k off your new home. Better yet, if you’re a first homeowner you could save $55k thanks to the $10k First Home Owners Grant! #HellYAY


So much YAY, but why does HomeBuilder exist?

COVID definitely has a lot to answer for and now it’s time to rebuild, literally. Basically, ScoMo is dipping into his money pot and taking out $688 million to get our economy thriving post-pandemic. The HomeBuilder scheme is part of a new round of economic stimulus packages to keep WA businesses in business and to get people working again. It’s all about supporting local trades and suppliers. We’re down for that!

Trending design ♥’s HomeBuilder

Time to get really stimulated. Check out our top three #HELLYAY homes

HomeBuilder FAQ

Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have. If your HomeBuilder question’s not here, give us a call or we can chat it out on Live Chat

Can I use the $25k HomeBuilder grant with other Smart Homes offers?

HELLYAY. You can use the HomeBuilder grant with any one of our other smart promos. Upgraded Upgrades, Refer a friend, We’ll pay your rent, WIN $5k.… They’re all still up for grabs. Because there’s nothing better than a promo sandwich.

Do I need a block of land already to qualify for the HomeBuilder grant?

NAY. Our land smarties are always super keen to find the perfect piece of land to go with your dream home. You know, the dream home that’s now $25k cheaper thanks to the Gov’s HomeBuilder scheme? Yeah, that one 😉

When does the HomeBuilder grant expire?

The HomeBuilder is an uncapped time-limited grant applicable to new homes purchased between July 2020 and December 2020. Ready annnnnndddd G.O. Our enquiry form is tucked below.

Will the HomeBuilder grant amount increase?

NAY. Well, not that’s been announced yet. For now, it’s $25k for new residential homes valued at $750k and under.

Does the new HomeBuilder scheme replace the First Home Owners’ Grant (FHOG)?

NAY. Like hard and soft tacos, you can have both! If you’re first home owner and qualify for the First Home Owners’ Grant (worth a cool 10k) then you’ll also qualify for the HomeBuilder scheme (worth an even cooler 25k). 10k + 25k = HELLYAY. Not sure if you qualify? Fill out the form below.

I’ve been told I need Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance, does this still apply with the HomeBuilder scheme?

YAY/NAY. This one’s a little grey. Basically, you’ll need to have a 20% deposit to avoid LMI. If the $25k covers that, then you won’t need it.

Claim this once-in-a-lifetime $45k opportunity thanks to HomeBuilder*
(& the State Gov)

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to take the plunge into home ownership, this is it!

Be one of the first people around Australia to qualify for this never-before-seen and never-be-seen-again stimulus package for your new home.

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