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Flythrough display home tours

We didn’t leave the couch to write this so how could we expect you to leave yours to visit our new display homes? That’s just bad manners. So, we made you these display home flythroughs instead!

They’re our answer to 2022 questions such as:

  • Can you make ‘home shopping’ like ‘shopping from home’? I’m used to online shopping and don’t want to regress.
  • Perth is basically NY so I haven’t learnt to drive. Any chance you can make the display come to me?
  • It’s school holidays. Please gawd can you make my life easier? #Busy

Fly them on for size today. Then, you know, maybe buy one.

The Grand Luna

Style: Yoga studio

4221 280m²

Luna has the personality of present-day Harry Styles — chilled out and charming, with OTT outfits that somehow come off as classy (no offence to 2010s skinny scarf Harry, but he was a bit #basic). Luna is serving ‘au naturel’ style with neutral timbers and yoga studio vibes — the perfect backdrop for creativity gone wildddd.

The Grand Lela

Style: Monochromatic Lair

4221 282m²

Finally a home that we fondly call, a monochromatic sanctuary. Our new display home, The Grand Lela, is sophisticated and minimalist—who said suburban families can’t be chic? With all the dark and moody accents, Lela almost has a Cullen house vibe—strange sparkly vampire aside, we can all agree that glass house was stylish!

The Grand Stella

Style: Pulp fiction 

4221 261m²

Stella’s bold design isn’t for the faint-hearted (if you post regular OTT TikToks then it’s a match). Modern and vintage styles are blended with black and rattan furniture, featured tiling, and pop art decorations—cue 1990s movie poster energy. There’s loads of mint, teal green, and dusty pink.

The Grand Atrium

Style: Chillin’ like a villain

4221 249m²

We all know – okay, we didn’t until we googled it – that an atrium is a central open-air space surrounded by a building. So, of course, we had to create one! Who wouldn’t want to walk through their new home and be greeted by a Bali-villa-style courtyard right in the middle? The gifts of natural light and tropical resort vibes spread throughout the centre of this home. #StaycationCentral

The Grand Bianca

Style: Rose in the Hamptons

4221 283m²

Sure, life can be busy, stressful, challenging, and rushed, and … Nope, that’s not the case when you call The Bianca home! She’s a drama-free space. Breathing in calm and tranquillity and shooing away everything else. Everything except Hamptons-holiday vibes. Like the Hamptons, The Bianca’s all about cool coastal colour pallets, soft natural textures, and airy design. And light. (Natural, obvs.)

The Grand Madeleine

Style: Très bon

4221 280m²

“We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love each other.” Actually, scratch that. Sure, one love is great and all but our love for The Grand Madeleine hit breaking point when we saw just her raked everything (elevation, ceiling, windows!). Annnnnd then we walked inside. Gasp! Two words for you: French country.

The Grand Sanctuary

Style: From where you’d rather be

4221 276m²

Do you think we would call our newest display home The Grand Sanctuary without the goods to back it up? That wouldn’t be very smart. And seeing as though we’re running with the whole ‘smart’ thing, The Grand Sanctuary certainly lives up to its super cruisy, super tropical namesake. Think: a central courtyard, bountiful natural light, and the master suite of your dreams.

The Grand Selena

Style: Sleek as bro

4221 236m²

With its blingy opulence, moody colour palette and feature elevation, The Grand Selena’s façade is anything but ordinary. And, we’re happy to report, it’s not-so-ordinary style continues throughout. Into the master’s suite with its soaking tub, double basins AND twin shower – a slice of style smarts that’s more 5-star resort than, well, a 5-star resort.

The Grand Olivia

Style: Shaken not stirred

4221 250m²

If this home is an ode to the olive, then it’s the timelessness of the classic olive Martini – think marble look worktops to the kitchen paired with dark wooden flooring and white linen sofas. You’ll want to strut through the home in your black-tie finest but also get into your trackies for a cozy family night in. 25th Bond movie anyone? The original martini master!

The Grand Margot

Style: Hollywood glam

4221 293m²

With the marble-look elevation of a Rodeo castle, this home brings all the (once upon a time in) Hollywood vibes you can dream of! A gorgeous kitchen, a breakfast bar extension, and a workshop area in the garage for that ‘man cave’ he’s been hinting at for years. It’s all here and you’re invited for the VIP tour.

The Grand Tallulah

Style: Boho-chic

4221 298m²

Ready for your daily dose of boho-spiration? You’ve probs already had your caffeine-spiration, your celeb-spiration, and maybe even some work-spiration, but now’s the time to dive into our earthiest, most abundant display home. Here’s an artistic visual that will follow you all day: oak kitchen cabinets, snow-white worktops, and timber panelling.

The Grand Leeuwin

Style: Down South getaway

3221 254m²

Picture it. The perfect winery estate with those farmhouse chic vibes, recycled brick, landscaping to match, and a perfect alfresco for outdoor dining. It’s the hottest location for summer nights with good food and wine to match. Okay, now open your eyes and take in your very own backyard. That’s right, this stunning display proves that you can live here.

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