Rent hikes are


Buy the house you deserve.

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Rent hikes are cancelled.

Buy the house you deserve.

Should you rent or buy?

Did you know Perth’s rental vacancy is currently under .08%? The thought of building a new house starts to hit different right about now! Imagine no more rent inspections, no more dealing with your landlord, and loads of stability… Smart Homes For Living can make that option a reality. Plus, who doesn’t want the freedom to recreate the Pinterest interior décor of their dreams?

Not possible to build and still have a life? Bet.

Watch us get you into your own place for as little as $266 a week. Yup, our finance smarties, The Loan Co, can supply a sweet low deposit home loan, so that you can get your foot into the property market asap. Let us know the amount you want to repay each week and consider the rest done. Want it to be less than what you were paying in rent? Smart Homes For Living has got you.

be your own landlord

The Covid rent freeze is over. Now what?

You can clap back with a house of your own! That low-key stress is real and it’s not just about Covid. Year-on-year rental prices are up by 15% on average and vacancy rates are at an all-time low. Add in regular inspections and heaps of people competing for one rental, and the whole situation is simply not a vibe. But you’ve got the smarts to build your own place – that’s why you’re here reading this – from just $159k. No need to manifest it, we’ll take care of the rest!

10 reasons to buy not rent

Time to ghost your landlord

10 reasons why being a homeowner is better than renting.

1. Freedom to grow your pet family – which means lots more cuddles for you

2. Grow roots – get the stability you crave without having to keep an eye out for Selener in case your landlord kicks you out

3. Make those renovations a reality – that feature wall can finally leave your Pinterest board and enter reality

4. Futureproof yourself – for future gains by owning an appreciating asset

5. It’s the equity for me – leverage your own home to buy another property or shares in the future

6. Your future self will thank you – for having a mortgage that puts your money toward an asset rather than someone else’s pocket

7. Full-on homeowner – when your loan term ends, home ownership is just the beginning

8. We don’t do plot twists when it comes to your repayments – leave behind the stress of unexpected rental increases

9. Regain the peace of your personal bubble – ain’t nobody got time for pesky rent inspections

10. Owning your home is a bit of a flex – so enjoy what you’ve worked for!

Find out how we can help you escape the rent trap

For some words of advice on how to escape the rent trap for good, just pop in your details below and we can get those house keys in your hands.

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Rent vs Buy FAQs

Here’s a few As to some Qs you may have.

When’s the right time to buy?

There’s no denying buying a home can feel a bit hectic. It’s definitely a commitment and timing matters. But you don’t have to be feeling around in the dark when making this decision; here are some signs that now is the right time to pull the trigger on a new abode:

  • You’ve been in a stable job with steady income for the last 6 months
  • You have some coin saved in the bank
  • You’re on top of any debts
  • You feel ready to own something of your own

Is renting just a waste of my money?

Renting gives you a sense of what freedom feels like, but all your money is being funneled into putting a roof over your head each week. True freedom comes with owning your own home and knowing your money is going toward an asset that’s all yours. In a way, you’re forcing yourself to save (which is always helpful when food delivery exists).

Is buying actually better than renting?

It’s safe to say, the grass is greener when you own it! The stability and freedom that comes with owning your own home is a huge breath of fresh air after renting. Say hello to the creative freedom to decorate whatever you want whenever you want; not feeling the landscaping – change it! Then there’s the financial freedom that you’ll get if you live in the home for the whole length of the loan term and have complete ownership. Your homes an investment you’ll be proud of for years to come.

What are disadvantages to renting?

Well basically, someone else is in the driver’s seat when it comes to your home. Landlords can decide to sell, put your rent up with little notice, and you don’t get to have a say in the matter. Not to mention the dreaded rent inspections. No one enjoys being thrown under the bus like that, especially when it involves cleaning. Most rentals also don’t allow pets. Which is pretty heartless if you ask us…?

What’s cheaper? Buying or renting?

It’s definitely possible for owning a home to be the cheaper option. You can decide on the repayments you’re comfortable making each week so it’s kinda up to you! We work backwards from your ideal weekly repayments to find home and land that’s going to work for your budget.