First homes

House and land from $282* p/w

Ready to call it quits on your landlord?

Did you know you can get into your first home for just $282 p/w? And yes, that’s for both house and land. Imagine owning your own house for less than the rent on your tiny place (ya know, the one with things growing on the walls…). And if you’re not currently renting – that means you’re probably living with your parents, so it’s still a BIG win.

3 steps to building

We know what a brain-melt first home buying can be (kind of like the time you tried to understand Interstellar). So, instead of overwhelming you with blueprints, numbers, and fast-talking salespeople, we keep things simple – giving you more time to learn the names of the staff at Bunnings.

Here’s how we do it.


Finance smarts

First up, dollar bills. We’ve got in-house finance nerds who can help tailor a loan to suit your situation – so don’t panic if you’ve given in to a few ASOS online sales recently! You won’t need $40k to get started, we’ll help you access low deposit home loans that get you into the house while you’re young enough to pull off a TikTok dance challenge. Let’s see if you qualify!

Location smarts

Second up, coffee. Well, sorta. Having your fave brunch spot nearby is just as important as what house you’re in. So, if the thought of getting Macca’s coffee every morning depresses you, let us know! Give us a clear picture of what you’re after, and we’ll create the perfect house and land package that’ll tick all your boxes.

Design smarts

Lastly, let’s talk dream pads. Are you downsizing (less to clean, more to love), upsizing (get ready for a Masterchef-style kitchen!), or just treating yourself to a place without rent inspections? What design makes you want to grab your phone and take insta pics? Just let us know, and we’ll create a home that’s all you.

Spending all your holiday fund on rent?
Why not buy for less.

A house and land package could be your saviour. Basically, it’s a package deal where you get a block from a developer and a you-beaut home from us, the builder, all in one. It’s like if you could magically get all your streaming services in one place… You’ll know all the costs from the start, and you only need one loan!

We’ve got pre-made house and land packages for you to look through, but don’t stress if they don’t fit your mental image, we can make one that includes space for that room dedicated to FIFA – whatever you need.

Your VIP access to the perfect loan

We know one size doesn’t fit all. Get your mind out of the gutter, we’re talking about financing a new home! And because we know that everyone has different needs, we have different finance solutions that can work for you, your situation, and your new home. We’ve lined them up for you to compare.


First home owners grant

Free money is always worth celebrating. Especially when the Gov’ gives you $10K just for building a new home. The First Home Owners Grant is your answer to your parents’ avocado toast jokes.


Stamp Duty Concessions

If you’re a first home buyer, you may be able to get an exemption from paying stamp duty, saving you money to spend that shiny coffee machine for your pad instead (George Clooney not included).


New Homes Guarantee Scheme

Got your 5% sorted but your parents aren’t keen to go guarantor? With the New Homes Guarantee Scheme, you can forget the sneaky Lenders Mortgage Insurance and the government will cover that last 15%!


Low Deposit Home Loans

Have you been listening to Uber Eats and ‘supporting local restaurants’ a bit too often? DW, there’s an extra-low deposit home loan just for you. With a $3k deposit, you can start living your best life now – where’s the prosecco at?

First home buyer info sesh

Are you tired of your flat mates hogging the TV (Friends-overload is possible!), and need your own place, but not sure where to start? We’ll use our building smarts to debunk it all and have you speaking the lingo in no time.


First homes with smart inclusions

A first home doesn’t mean you have to skip the flash new oven for those Nigella-inspired dishes. We’ll spec up your new home with lots of not-so-standard stuff (as standard).

You’ll be getting:

  • Spacious on-trend floorplans
  • Choice of six designer-rendered elevations
  • Full internal wall paint
  • Deluxe Belling kitchen appliances
  • Tony Alder tapware in black, nickel, or chrome
  • Feature tiles
  • WA-made kitchen cabinetry
  • No-crack guarantee walls by G-Tek
  • Colorbond roof, gutters, and fascia
  • 6-star energy efficient construction
  • Lifetime structural guarantee

Oh, and you can check it out in person at our 1000sqm showroom before you commit.


You’re here so it can only mean one thing… you’ve got some Q’s. Great news, we’ve got the A’s in all things first homes. And best of all? Even if your questions aren’t here, our first homes smarties are one click or call away. Get in touch and they’ll get back to you ASAP.

How much deposit do I need for a first home?

Don’t stress, gone are the days of needing a 20% deposit. As a first home buyer, you’ll have heaps of low deposit home loan options. The New Home Guarantee Scheme means you’ll be sweet with a 5% deposit, and if you qualify for Keystart it’ll only be 2% – so you don’t have to pull a Breaking Bad just to have your own home!

Chat with us to find out which option is for you.

Who qualifies as a first home buyer?

A first home buyer is someone who has never owned a residential property before in Australia.

The First Home Owners Grant nitty gritty:

  • You’ll need to be 18+
  • Must be an Aussie citizen or permanent resident
  • Have to live in your new home for at least 6 months in the first year
  • The house and land package should be under $750K

What are first home buyers in WA entitled to?

Being a first home buyer in WA is like being a celebrity during lockdown, you have access to everything!

  • $10,000 from the First Home Owners Grant
  • Epic savings from Stamp Duty Concessions
  • The New Home Guarantee Scheme
  • Sweet low deposit options

Are first home buyers exempt from stamp duty?

You bet! When you’re a first home buyer, you don’t have to pay stamp duty as long as the land costs less than $300K, and the total house and land is less than $750K. Even if it’s over, you’ll still get a reduced stamp duty cost!

Hear from our smarties

If you can afford rent, you can afford a new home.

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