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Rear Block House Designs

As Perth continues to grow and prosper, you have the opportunity to start building (or adding to) your very own property portfolio. Better still, the opportunity is closer than you think – in your very own backyard.

At Smart Homes For Living, we can use our development smarts to help unlock your block’s potential. Transforming that under-used lawn into something much more special. Potentially an income generating machine (for you) and a beautiful new abode (for your future buyers/renters). It’s all about embracing house behind house designs and developments.

Also referred to as rear property developments, rear block houses, and rear strata developments; these modern home designs are taking off all over Perth as more established suburbs are rezoned to allow for suburban infill.

Everyone wins. The new tenant gets to live in area already rich in amenities – think: schools, shops, main roads, medical centres, parks – and you, well the opportunities for you are endless. You can live in one home while you rent out the other, use the income of one property sale to help pay off the other, or sell the two and use the funds as you please –reducing debt levels, funding your portfolio’s expansion. The proof is in the investment smarts pudding.

As one of the few project builders offering affordable house behind house builds in Perth, our benefits are yours for the taking. Thanks to our parent company, Ventura Home Group, we have a behemoth of buying power behind us to keep your rear build affordable and decked out with the best of the best.

We also have a whole collection of designs, any of which can be altered to suit your rear block house design, suburb’s zoning, council laws, and future tenants. And a sister company, Ventura ID, on hand to assist with larger class 2 developments, multi-unit developments, duplex, triplex and direct investment solutions.

Our Smart Homes team build over 300 homes a year, all covered by our lifetime structural warranty, so when it comes to Perth rear strata developments Smart know exactly where to start.

Where there is land, there is investment potential

And it looks like you have both! You lucky duck.

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