The Pre-Build Process

Our guide to the behind-the-scenes smarts

So what’s actually involved in building your home? When it comes to construction, the hard work is done before the first brick is laid. There’s so much going on behind the scenes that you’ve probably never thought of. Drafting, estimating, scheduling… add these to your building vocab.

Here you can take a deep dive into all the nitty gritty stuff that goes on behind the scenes to get your job to site. We’ll let you know exactly what to expect at each stage and how you can prepare for it.

Sales Admin

Our Sales Admin team will double check your plans and specifications and order your contour site survey and engineers site inspection report for the land (if titled). This gives you time to do the same – review your plans that is. If there’s any last-minute adjustments now’s the time to let us know, because once we pass this point, your sales sketch is turned into your working drawings.

Contract Admin

It’s a done deal! Well, sorta. Once your paperwork is officially in Contracts Admin, you’re well on your way to building your dream Smart home! What’s next? Good question, smartie. We start prepping the plans and documentation needed for shire and finance approvals. Let the fun begin!

Working Drawings

Unlike the ones kids bring home in kindy, these drawings will make the fridge! Srsly though, working drawings include the floorplan, elevations, internal cupboards, and site plan (if the survey is available). These are the technical plans that we base literally everything else off, so yeah, kinda important.

Contract Preparation

It’s contract prep time. The contract dream team will prepare your 6-star certification and Structural Engineers certifications, which combined will allow us to get your new digs a 6-star energy efficiency NatHERS accreditation, a building permit, and certificate of design compliance. Waiiiiit that’s not all. This dream team also preps the docs required later for shire certification, developer approvals, amenities connections, and finance.

Contract documentation

We’ll prepare everything, put it in a pack, and give it to your New Homes Consultant. From here, your new SBF (smart best friend … aka, New Homes Consultant) will arrange to meet up, or send your contracts via DocuSign, if you’d prefer. Please sign the contract and pass it back. We give you as much time as you need, but just flagging that your contract will need to be signed before you can start your finance and shire approval process.

Contract Signed

Signed, sealed, delivered … it’s YOURS. It’s time to celebrate once you’ve signed your new home building contract! It’s a pretty smart move and, once it’s all counter-signed by some smarties of our own, a copy will be emailed to you and saved to our Smart Portal for safekeeping.

Home Finance

Now’s the time to activate your finance smarts and liaise with a broker to obtain unconditional formal finance approval. Everyone’s journey with finance is different meaning it can take a little while or… a long while. Our biggest tip? Reach out to your broker sooner rather than later and get the process started, smartie. Once approved, you’ll need to give your settlement agent the hurry up to make that block all yours!

Building Permit

You can sit back and relax; we’ve got this step sorted for you! Our dedicated Shire smarties will submit the Building Permit application on your behalf. Like finance, this step can take a little while, so we like to get the docs off nice and early.


Key handover aside (obvs) this could be the most momentous step of your construction journey. This is the day a slice of WA becomes yours. All yours. This is a good moment so relish it (we know we will, for you)!

Prestart Meeting

Prestart is errrrrerything; it’s where you get to finalise all your new home selections! These meetings are held Monday to Friday at either 9 am or 9.30 am and take around 3 hours. To prep for this important meet you’ll need to complete your online selections via the Smart Portal, mark up your electrical plan with any changes you may want, and be sure to visit our supplier showrooms to select flooring and tiles.

Prestart Drafting

Once you’ve finalised your new home selections it’s time for us to update your plans, docs, and other bits and bobs. We make sure everything on our system is singing to the same tune (the soundtrack to your dream home, of course). To make sure this happens, our drafting dept updates the working drawings and the Contract Administrator will finalise your addenda.

Final Documents

Once your final documents are ready for signing, we’ll email them to you and upload them to the Smart Portal (because two is better than one). Once you’ve signed these babies, we’ll be one HUGE step closer to starting the construction of your new home! It also means that you’ve accepted the plans, addenda, and tile selection.

Ready for Construction

We’re almost there! And look how far we’ve come… prestart is complete, the building permit has been received, the land developer approval is done, and finance and settlement are confirmed. What now? The Contract Administrator will complete a final file check and then pass your build onto our construction smarties. They’ll then schedule your home… you know the drill; order the materials from our suppliers, appoint site supervisors…


Next Steps

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