How To Start Your Dream Home Build!

A home with your smarts at heart

Building your own home can be a brain melt with home builders either giving you TMI or they give you NEI (that’s ‘not-enough-information’). We aim to be juuuust right. Think of this as your own personal home building library. Do your research and become the ultimate home building smartie.

Want to know if you can afford a home of your own? What this mystical house and land package that everyone speaks of is? Or how much those mortgage repayments will reeeally cost? This is the place to be.

Finance Smarts

First up, dollar bills. Our in-house experts, The Loan Co, are construction loan specialists. They’ve got the Finance Smarts to help you realise your new home dreams and can tailor their loan selection to your situation. Because when it comes to construction loans, one size does not fit all! Top tip: Weekly repayments are the best way to visualise what you’re comfortable with borrowing.

Location Smarts

Where you build is just as important as what you build. That’s where our Location Smarts really come in handy. For a start, we cover most of WA, building homes from Two Rocks all the way down the hwy. And when you decide on a location, we can use our connections with WA’s best land developers to help you negotiate the best blocks at the best price.

Design Smarts

Design means so much more than building something beautiful. It’s about making your home a better, more inviting space. So, we’ll use our Design Smarts to maximise the liveable space on your block and spec up your new digs with the hottest finishes and fixtures. Need some design inspo? Our display homes will be your new best friend.

First Home Smarts

If you can afford rent, you can afford a home. Srsly. We know owning your own home can seem so out of reach but we’re here to prove you it’s not! We’ll hold your hand through the whole thing, answer any questions you may have along the way and most importantly, have some fun! Homeownership doesn’t have to be boring.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about the building process? Check out the Pre-Construction and Construction phase.