The new home construction journey in 9 smart steps

The construction journey in 9 smart steps

Ok, so this is the part where we really flex our building smarts. Building dream homes is our jam, it’s what gets us up in the morning. But we know that the average Joe isn’t a registered builders and probably doesn’t get half of the jargon being thrown around during construction.

So, join us as we explore every stage of the Construction journey in detail. We guarantee you’ll be full bottle on all things bricks by the end of it and an asset to any team on construction quiz night… if that’s a thing.

Slab Down

This is the beginning of it all. The foundation, the footing, the first milestone! We give the slab a few weeks to cure to ensure a super-strong (and smart) base to build on. Then, we tidy the site to make way for the delivery of your new home necessities: bricks, sand, window frames, and door frames. The party is well and truly started and it feels gooood.

GTEK no cracking icon

Brick by brick

It’s time for the bricklaying brigade to get in there and work their magic. This stage is a total art form and a quick one at that. We’re talking around 600 bricks per day. Once the home’s reached ‘Plate High’ we T-up the delivery of roof timbers so the Roof Carpenter can do their thang (build a roof frame). Then, get the Electricians to by pop by and install the electrical tubing and wiring, and the Plumbers to run the water services.

Roof Cover

Raise the roof! And by that, we mean a specialist carpenter will be building a roof frame that will give roofing materials the best support in town. Make room for the electric, plumbing, and gas tubes. The gutter and fascia are installed at this stage too, along with the eave lining. It’s official, the home is now halfway there!


It’s time for the inside glow up. From GTEK™ walls and their ‘no cracking’ guarantee to ceilings and cornices being installed. We’ve gotta get the interior ready for that perfect Pinterest board styling you’ve got planned. To make things extra spesh, external rendering where required will be happening too. Windows and external doors will also be delivered and installed, which brings your home up to *drumroll* Lockup Stage!

Lock up

It’s exactly what it sounds like, your house will be locked up! The external doors go on and the windows are installed, making your home totally secure. Because safety is smart. With all that security comes the delivery of fun stuff… like appliances and fixtures!

Ceramic Tiling

It’s time to get oh so versa-tile (pun intended). First, we’ll prep the wet areas (bathroom, laundry, kitchen) with waterproofing. Warning: It can feel like ages waiting for the waterproofing to dry… But it’s not just tiling getting installed at this stage. Kitchen cabinets (tick), sanitary fixings (tick), all this and more will be happening.

Electrical Final

Nearly there! We’ve just got a few electrical touches to action, like the installation of plugs, lights, switches, appliances…Oh yeah. While this is going on, we’ll also be completing the plumbing and gas finals which involves the commissioning of all your drains, gas outlets, and taps. Once this is done and dusted your house will be in working order. What a milestone!

Practical Completion

By this stage we’re so close to finishing your new Smart home. All the finishing touches are complete and it’s time for a tour. As the owner (go you!) you’ll walk through your new home with the site manager and point out any items that need some extra love and attention before handover.

Key Handover

Champagne! Wait, we mean, Handover. Once final payment has been received we’ll arrange an appointment at our showroom, BGC Home, for you to collect those glittering new keys and an informative handover pack we prepared earlier. If we had to pick a favourite stage, it’d be this one.


Like life, s*&t happens sometimes. That’s why we give you six whole months to live in your shiny new home before we leave you completely to your own devices. If anything goes wrong during this time we’ll come and fix it. Your aircons stopped working on a 40 degree day? Don’t sweat, we got chu boo.


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