I’ve heard about PCI. . . umm, what is it?


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calling all practical smarts

PCI is the Practical Completion Inspection and it means that your Building Supervisor can finally reveal your new SMART home! All the finishing touches are complete and it’s time for your tour. We should really change the name from ‘Practical Completion Inspection’ to ‘Grand Tour’ because that’s exactly what it is!

Is there champagne involved?

During the tour – sans champers, sorry we kinda need to be sober for this! – you and the Building Supervisor will walk through your new home, checking for:

  • Building defects
  • Damage
  • Cosmetic defects
  • Quality of finish
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Presence of appliances
  • Presence of installations
  • Incomplete work

What am I looking for?

Essentially you want to review every square metre of the home (detective-style) to determine if there are any construction defects, omissions, or blemishes to the final finishes. Ideally, you need to reconcile that the construction work is exactly in line with the contract, agreed plans, addenda, the Building Code of Australian, and Australian Standards. Of course, we can help you with all of those things because, yep you guessed it, we’ve got some pretty handy inspection smarts that are perfect for the job.

You can also bring your own building supervisor for additional piece-of-mind and an objective input.


What if I find something?

There are usually a small number of things to remedy which we’ll identify together and fix before handover. It’s also important to say, PCI is not handover and keys aren’t available until settlement of the account. This is usually only 10 days after PCI so that we have time to complete any outstanding items and you have time to plan your first sleepover as a homeowner! Cheese platter and Pictionary anyone?

Next up? Champagne! 🍾… we mean, Key Handover.