What even are underground services?!


How to Buy



Things are happening underground


Underground services are what’s required below slab so you can access essentials like water! Kinda important.

Our tradies – trained accredited local contractors of course – complete the necessary underground works, going as far as ensuring every drainpipe has enough “fall” and the slope flows water through the system. Sure, it’s a minor detail but it prevents expensive repairs and we couldn’t claim money smarts if we didn’t make every decision count.


Making (underground) connections

Our fave earthworkers prep for every connection that we’ll need to complete your build seamlessly:

  • Water supply
  • Sanitary drainage
  • Sewerage
  • Hot water and heating supply systems

These connections are placed carefully to make sure they’re in the perfect position in your slab to later hook up your toilets, taps, washing machines, bath, and dishwashers. Like we said, kinda important.

From the plumbers POV

It’s not often you think of the world from a plumbers POV but today’s the day. These are some of the things they’re dreaming about:

  • The type of pipework to be used (plastic)
  • The hot water system and heating system
  • The style of spouting/gutters and downpipes (COLORBOND®)

 When it comes to Smart, we only use tried and tested suppliers with proven track records; those who have their own solid warranties to boot. This means that even your underground services are also smart!

Next up? Brickwork.