Welcome to the brickwork stage


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brick by brick by. . . you get the picture


Oooorrrr, if you’re not building just yet, welcome to the learning about brickwork stage!

If you are in the process of watching your new home baby come to life, your slab is set and your site is ready for the bricklaying brigade to arrive!


This is the brickwork stage; a mashoooove milestone requiring a mashooove delivery. Bricks, sand, cement, bricklaying hardware, door frames, window frames, meter box, and steel lintels are all delivered. We’re good to go! 

Let there be walls

It’s time to start building from the concrete slab up! Your brick walls go first. The bricklayers will begin by setting out your walls with chalk lines on the slab. This keeps the walls straight (kinda important when it comes to hanging your photo wall 😜) because all the rooms are marked to scale.

These magicians (you’ll soon see why) also install steel lintels. They’re placed across the required openings to support the weight of the bricks and construction materials. This helps if you don’t want your windows and doors collapsing on themselves.

Good bricklayers are often referred to as magicians! One smart bricklayer can lay up to 600 bricks in a day. In ONE DAY!

Precision is the name of the game

On top of all the holding-up-your-house work, the brickwork also determines the size and location of rooms, passageways, doors and windows. They build to ‘plate height’ which means that once the brickwork is done, the roof carpenters can do their thing.


Double brick for the win

For those who aren’t as versed in double brick deets, it basically refers to two brick walls separated by a cavity. Seems pretty straight forward but the benefits are endless:

  • It’s super durable which means very little maintenance
  • Bricks have a high thermal mass making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • They’re great sound insulators so there’s fewer noise complaints from neighbours
  • Bricks are more fire resistant than timber constructions
  • The cavity reduces thermal transmission and prevents moisture transfer
  • Termites swipe left for brick materials … nuff said

All our homes are constructed with double brick, because we only want the best for our smarties!

Local legends

All of our bricks are supplied by Brikmakers. These local legends produce your bricks right here in WA! Fun fact: They have the largest greenfields clay brick plant ever built in Australia, supplying approximately one-third of the state’s clay brick production. You can thank us for that quiz night win later 😉


Next up? The roof.