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Vessyl smart cup knows what you’re drinking

Jul 17, 2014 | What's trending

Vessyl smart cup knows what you’re drinking.

And it thinks you also might have a drinking problem. The company behind the revolutionary smart cup is convinced a $200 13oz smart cup that hooks up to your phone is the answer when it comes to monitoring your liquid intake. The Yves Behar-designed cup uses a sensor which can supposedly identify what liquid substance is inside – even down to recognizing specific brands like Coca Cola or a Heineken Lager Beer.

Embedded int he side of the polymer made cup is a display that Vessyl has called Pryme, and it’s primary responsibility is to show your hydration goals that day. Rather than sticking to the ‘8 glasses of water a day’ figure, the Pryme uses its sensor to figure out what sort of amounts you actually need physiologically. Sounds pretty nifty, right?


The Vessyl Cup feeds data into the Vessyl app via Bluetooth 4.0 on iPhones and select Android devices via BT

Vessyl says the cup will work with alcohol, thicker liquids (i.e. drinking yogurt) and carbonated beverages (like Coke – even if drinking through a straw). It can also apparently identify how much coffee you consumed, as well as the fat, sugar, sodium and protein your digesting.

All the data gets fed into the Vessyl app that is dplsayed on the cup’s own screen which illuminates whenever you lift it, and also feeds data to your iPhone and select Android Devices via Bluetooth 4.0 – with more wearable health platforms being considered for the future. Vessyl is pretty tight lipped on how their sensor mastery works on the cup design, but they do promise the result is within seconds.


A sleek design that’s area to carry and show off.

The cup comes in three different colours with a variety of ‘highlight accents’ on the upper lid to choose between to really peronalise it to your style. Inside the cup there is a glass-like lining to avoid stains or flavour retention. For charging the cup, it’s done through a companion coaster, where you sit it on the coaster for an hour before the weeks assessment of drinking.


The different cup colours.

Interested in purchasing the Vessyl cup? They are taking pre-orders from today  at $99 a piece at the moment (get in quick, only 25 days left), but it will rise to $199 RPR soon. Shipments aren’t expected to begin until early 2015.

Source Credit: Vessyl

Header image: Vessyl

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