Top 5 Kid Friendly Backyard Designs

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Get creative this summer, turn your backyard into a kid-friendly design even the adults will love! Here's our Top 5…

Top 5 Kid Friendly Backyard Designs

Summer in Perth means we get to spend a lot more time outdoors. This provides parents with the perfect opportunity to get a little more crafty with their own alfresco and backyard. Consider turning the backyard into a fun playground while ensuring it is kid-proof.

Take a look at these Top 5 kid friendly backyard designs that will get the kids outside playing.

1. The Sandpit


The sandbox is a classic favourite in backyards. They vary in shape and size so they can fit in a backyard space, no matter how small.

commander outside

This backyard goes beyond just one sandpit, offering a ‘sand garden’ that fits in with the overall beach theme. The Commander Display Home by Smart Homes for Living

2. Interactive Games

outside genesis

How about integrating interactive games into the backyard design – like this naughts and crosses game above, as seen in The Genesis Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.

3. Slippery Slide

slip slide

A slip and slide in the backyard for summer is a great way to keep cool in the Perth summer and keep the kids active!

4. Teepee Tent


Turn the backyard into an adventurous playground with the addition of a ‘teepee’ tent. Perfect to keep cool on hotter days too.

5. A Swing


Swinging is a kid’s favourite past-time. If you’ve got the backyard for it, put in a swing and if you’re creative, turn it into a DIY project – like using an old tire or an old chair.

Our Smart Ideas blog is a useful resource, helping you make the most out of your Perth home. For more backyard advice, read our Inspirational Outdoor Decor for your Alfresco article.

In summer, keeping cool in the backyard is important. Take a look at our Outdoor Accessories to Help Battle the WA climate for tips.

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