Top 5 Activities to Save Electricity in Your Household

Jul 23, 2015 | Finance and Money Saving Tips

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Reduce your electricity bill while helping the environment. Here are the top 5 activities to save electricity in your household.

No one likes to be stuck with an unexpected power bill. If you are strapped for cash, want to be money-smart, wish to actively help the environment, or all of the above, then check out these 5 simple green ideas that can be incorporated into your home.


1. Use Energy-Efficient Saving Lightbulbs


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Buy compact fluorescent light (CFL) light bulbs, as they use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. They may cost a little more, but will save you money in the long term, as the CFL bulbs last longer and don’t use much energy.


2. Turn Down Your Thermostat











Reduce the temperature setting on all your heating and air-conditioning units, plus your hot-water system by two or three degrees. Never leave heaters on all night and as a smarter alternative, heat your bed with a hot-water bottle or an electric blanket (but only for a few minutes). Investing in flannel sheets and a thick doona will also get you warm faster in winter.


3. Use Cold Water in your Washing Machine

If you use cold water and also run your machine on a quick cycle you will definitely reduce your household energy bill. Consider buying a front-loading washing machine as they use up to 50% less energy than top loaders, and always shop for models with high energy star ratings that will be clearly labelled on the product.


4. Fix your Windows

Windowpanes that are thin can let in a draft and have heat escape resulting in a higher winter power bill. Consider buying high performance windows or invest in double glazing. If you can’t afford to do much with your windows, inspect that there are no leaks along the base of the window by placing a draft stopper such as a door snake along the rim. You can also insulate windows by sticking bubble wrap to the panes which is effective and inexpensive.


5. Plant it

When it comes to saving of any kind – thinking long term is important. One great long term solution is installing trees and shrubs around the outside of your home. The shade they provide will make the house cooler in summer and on windy days they also provide as a good windbreak, aiding in keeping cold air out in winter.


Try some or all of these tips to reduce your energy consumption and save you money in Perth, Western Australia.


Hat Tip to Energy Australia

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Written by Siobhan


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