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Top 10 useful gadgets in 2015

Jul 30, 2015 | Featured, News, Smart Products

There are some fantastic gadgets available online and an abundance of websites that sway you into believing you need them.

Today we break down the list and give you the top 10 useful gadgets you really need, for use at home and out and about.


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1. HandleBand Smartphone Bike Mount 

This device is perfect for those who cycle and wish to stay in touch with the virtual world at all times. It can be mounted onto your shopping cart or stroller and allows you to view the route you may need to take through Google Maps. Whether you’re walking, running or cycling your Smartphone remains accessible at all times. The design is functional and doesn’t prevent you from using your phone as you normally would, all of the buttons are within reach and it remains sturdy on any object. It’s only $25 USD and serves as a multi-purpose gadget. What more can you ask for?



2. External Rechargeable Backup Battery Case For iPhone 5

When your iPhone runs out of juice, most people start scrounging around for cables and outlets. But if you’re on the road or stuck at a meeting or event, that’s not so easy. This is where you need a portable and cordless phone charger. This external battery cuts down charging needs by half, and the best part is that it comes in a stylish case that holds your iPhone too. You can charge it while you’re using the phone, without having to take it out of the case. This device costs $26.00 USD.



3. Motion Activated Peephole Viewer by Brinno

Whether you’re at home or out, you will be able to check who’s been at your doorstep with this awesome gadget. It includes a 4GB micro SD card and is useful for storing information with a time and date stamp. The image you see is similar to what you would view on a digital camera, therefore you won’t have any issues knowing who’s been around. This provides high quality images even in low-light areas and eliminates the risk of fish-eye distortion. You can also see enlarged images with the press of a button if and when required. The device is very smart and utilises battery saving technology, meaning the batteries last for around 9000 triggers. At only $149 USD this device is a bargain for home security.

Check out the video below.


4. Cleatskins – Perfect for dirty sports shoes 

I think we have all experienced the issue of dirty shoes, whether it’s from a recent sports game or because of terribly wet and muddy weather. This is where Cleatskins come in handy. Not only do they keep your shoes from getting so dirty, they also look after the quality of your shoes and allow them to last much longer. The word ‘Cleat’ describes a projecting piece of metal or hard rubber attached to the underside of an object – therefore these covers are generally suitable for soccer or rugby shoes. So to keep your footwear protected, why not try out Cleatskins as pictured below.


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5. Ultrathin Keyboard and Case for iPad 2/3/4

This useful gadget by Zagg Profolio is great for those who prefer typing on a keyboard instead of a touch screen. According to, the keyboard combines an ultrathin, lightweight design with patented keyboard technology, the ZAGG PROfolio+ offers a complete mobile experience for the iPad®. Island-style keys provide maximum spacing in a compact Bluetooth® keyboard for an authentic, relaxed feel. The PROfolio+ features backlit keys with seven interchangeable colors that can be adjusted for brightness and power management*.

*Regular use of two hours per day. Using the backlit feature will impact battery life and may require more frequent charging.
  • The PROfolio+ is only .81 inches thin when closed.
  • Island-style keys, engineered for maximum space, provide fast, accurate typing.
  • Backlit keys light up any situation in seven interchangeable colors.
  • A powerful magnetic closure secures the iPad to the PROfolio+.



6. GPO Duchess Retro Telephone

Now for something a little different. This gorgeous telephone is perfect for those who like a bit of vintage design in their life. It is definitely out of the ordinary and has a classic shape and design. The brass finish makes all of the difference and the intricate artwork works perfectly with the curly cord. If you’re looking for a quirky addition to your home, you have definitely found it. It has a 20th century design, is made from high quality materials, works on any current telephone network, compatible with modern telephone banking, has push-button dialing, touch tone, ringer on/off switch, last number re-dial function and comes with a 1 year warranty.



7. R2-D2 speaker

For the great fans of Star Wars, this is definitely an item you will love. The R2-D2 speaker for versatile playback for MP3 players, PCs and MACs and has a 3.5mm AUX jack. It is approximately 16cm in height and requires 4 x AAA batteries. Besides that, it looks pretty cool!


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8. Sketch Stylus

Two technologies and one simple gadget, with the Sketch Stylus – one end is a stylus and the other end a pencil. Genius! This pencil has a hidden secret: The “eraser” is actually a built-in stylus for your touch screen devices. Made from ECR (Electro Conductive Rubber) to work perfectly with your iPad, iPhone and other devices.

Use the stylus end for sketching on your tablet, flip it around to sketch on paper with the other end. Ideal for artists and designers drawing in apps such as SketchBook (or for beating your mates at games like Draw Something).

The traditional wood pencil form offers improved comfort and accuracy, even when used for long periods of time. Effortlessly switch between creating in digital and old-school analogue. Dimensions of the Sketch Stylus: 19cm long x 0.8cm diameter Made from wood, aluminium and conductive silicone.



9. Solar LED Lamp Radio

Listen to the radio or read in comfort while you charge your phones and assorted gadgets with this Solar LED Lamp Radio. Multifunctional LED Lamp powered by a solar panel or a hand crank to give you a radio, flashlight, traditional lamp, a spare USB Port and built-in Power Bank. This 5-in-1 Solar LED lamp radio will not only serve as a desk light when placed in its holder, you’ll also be able to use it as an emergency flashlight or back-up power bank to charge your phones. Powered by either the sun or by hand cranking the dynamo, you’ll always have a fully charged lamp at your disposal which is perfect for camping.

The desk lamp has 12 bright white LEDs which can be directed up or down to suit your needs and the brightness can easily be adjusted. Listen to the radio through the built-in speaker and if you need to charge your phone, just hook it up to the USB port and charge them from the 1500mAh built-in battery.



10. Watch With TV Remote

This multi-functional watch with TV remote can be used as a remote control for your TV or DVD and has a touch screen display. It can be synced to your TV or DVD and used like a remote control to adjust the volume, change the channels or even turn the TV on or off. The infrared transmitter sends a command from the “switch” watch to the TV set to control its functions.

The remote control function works with your TV, SAT, DVD, LD, VIR or VCR. The watch is compatible with different brands including Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and others.  The watch has an EL backlight function and will work within a range of 2 – 5 meters.


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