Top 10 Nifty Ideas for Your Home Office

Aug 11, 2015 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Do you spend a great amount of time in your home office? Perhaps it's time to spruce it up. Take…

A home office design that is smart and organised not only provides more comfort and less stress, but can also lead to an increase in work productivity.

Take a look at the following ideas to provide inspiration in jazzing up your home office, to make working at home more enjoyable.

Top 10 nifty ideas for your home office:

1. Wall Organiser

white wall office grid wall organizer

Trendy, simple and practical. Image via Apartment Therapy

If you are constantly forgetting your small belongings or need a smarter way to store your important documents and bills, opt for a wall organiser. If you feel creative then why not DIY, otherwise you can buy one from your local hardware/homeware store. Pegboards, clipboards,  corkboards, wire racks, personalised mail organisers and more can add a quirky buzz to your home office.

2. Smart Upcycle: Bar Carts


Bar carts seemingly never go out of style. They are extremely useful and versatile. Via Apartment Therapy

If you have a bar cart laying around then up-cycle it to the home office. Even if you don’t, have a look online or head to your Salvo’s store and pick up a bargain. You can always re-paint it dependant on the material, or opt for a rugged vibe if it’s look worse for wear. Alternatively, you can get some affordable ones at your local hardware/homeware/furniture store. The fact they’re on wheels makes them an easy to use and portable option to store heavier belongings, such as books or depending on the size and strength, your printer.

3. Add Desk Plants


Make your home office smarter (and you too) with green plants.  Via Apartment Therapy

Here’s a scientific way to make your home office smarter – get a plant. The main benefits of plants seem to do with cognition and retention of information. Not only that, but an office with plants also reported a reduction in fatigue during demanding work. So there you have it – plants in the home office are not only good to look at it an add feng shui, but they also offer more benefits than originally thought of. A copy of this study is available from Science Direct.

4. Take Note with Notepads


Don’t forget to get things done with personalised notepads. Via Apartment Therapy

List-making and post-it notes go together like milk and cheese. Sure, a spiral notebook is great for writing down ideas, but sometimes you don’t have much desk space and you need something more fun and inspiring to stick on the wall or the bottom of your monitor. Invest in some funky notepads – there are heaps on the internet that have cute and inspiring messages on them that encourage you to get things done.

5. An Inspiration Board


Put up images on your home office wall that inspire and motivate you, your productivity may even be boosted. Via Apartment Therapy

Even in the digital era, there is something comforting about having real life images and meaningful photographs on actual pieces of paper that you can look at it, hold and smell. Yes, Pinterest is great, but why not assemble your most favourite pictures on the wall behind your computer to inspire and motivate you to reach your daily and long team goals. If you’re not familiar with what an inspiration board is – it is a collection of photographs, quotes and pictures put together that personally inspires and motivates you.

6. Pens/utensils organiser


An often overlooked organiser but a necessity for a clean desk – pen cup holder. Via Apartment Therapy

Ensure your desk is clutter free and place your office stationary in a pen/utensils organiser. Eliminate a chaotic desk and keep things in order with this simple option.

7. Bold Wallpaper


Brighten up the interior design in your office with bold wallpaper. Via Apartment Therapy

Want even bigger inspiration in your home office? Something that will provide a fresh kick? There is no better (or bolder) way to inspire your home projects than putting a huge print on your wall. There are so many removable wall decal stickers available to choose from on the internet that you have the luxury to mix up your wallpaper when you feel like it. Get creative and give this option a go.

8. Engaging Alternative Office Chairs


Pictured here are roller desk chairs by PBTeen. Via Apartment Therapy

The exercise ball chair has been a trend in offices across the world for years. Some companies have upgraded the normal gym-style design to other colourful and fluffier styles for comfort aesthetic appeal. Another great alternative is a stool. This is a personal preference and it’s great that there are a wide range of options available.

9. Add a pet bed to your office


Do you have a cat (or small dog) that likes to park on your keyboard while you type? Via Apartment Therapy

Pet owners (especially cat owners) may know this situation too well, you’re in the middle of a project when your cat promptly sits on your keyboard. Your pet wants to be near you, as close as possible – so why not train your pet to sit nearby with rewards and affirmation? Consider smart nearby sitting locations (depending on the size of the pet and furniture of course). Consider putting a bed under the desk or get a chair hammock (as seen above).

10. Stand at your Desk For Health


To make standing at your desk easier, shop for an adjustable desk with height options. Via Apartment Therapy

It is a widely researched topic: prolonged sitting is not great for your health. Some research has said it can increase your risk of diabetes,  certain cancers, heart disease and early death. Guidelines published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine  have urged employers to spend at least two of their working hours a day standing or moving (and to gradually increase that to four hours) a day. However, the journal also indicates to much static standing is also not ideal – so it’s best to find a harmonic balance between sitting and standing during the day and to mix it up.

Get movement happening in your home office to improve your health and reduce the risk of health related problems. Not only will you feel fresher, but you will be mentally sharper and more productive.

To find any of these mentioned in your local area, simply to a local google search to see what local stores near you have it. Popular online stores like Ebay, Etsy and Amazon may also provide you with similar alternative options as well as online craft shops.

Take a look at these great retail outlets and online shopping stores for some nifty home office supplies:




Office Choice



Header Image: Melbourne Real Estate


Written by Siobhan


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