Roof is on, time to work on interior works


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Internal works that really werk it


Congratulations! You made it. Your home officially looks like the house emoji 🏠 and that’s a pretty big deal in our books. Still searching for the perfect digs? That’s cool too! Getting a headstart means you’ll know all the fancy lingo ahead of time.

For those getting ready to move in, it’s now time to make the inside a total glow up. Well, step one of the glow up anyway, which we call Internal Works. It’s a building term for a tonne of exciting things going on like GTEK™ walls and ceilings. 


No idea what GTEK™ is?

Dw, neither did we. But our building smarties are all over it and they explained it like a wine glass that never breaks *dayyymmmnn* that’s our kind of innovation! For your house, it’s a no crack guarantee.

Let’s dive a little deeper – because if you’re planning a FB post about this stage – you better have all the info the fans are for sure begging for!

The walls

GTEK™ walls are installed. Sure, the no cracking guarantee is a pretty big deal, but this GTEK™ stuff takes it even further with thermal insulation, better sound insulation, and fire resistance. Basically, it’s a superior *ahem* smarter finish and it’s all completed with a final white coat.


With the walls done, the tradies will plan, prepare, measure (twice), and cut (once) additional GTEK™ for the ceilings. Then, your ceilings and cornices are installed followed by the ceiling fixers. And, that sums up your internal works. Sweeeeet.

External things

Okay, this stage is called Internal Works, but we also sneak in the external plastering. Because, why not? Also because we’re working to a timeline here and we can’t just sit around and cover all our wine glasses in GTEK™. Windows and external doors will also be delivered and installed, which brings your home up to *drumroll* Lockup Stage!


Next Up? Lock up stage!