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The Smart Prestart Process: Part 1

Sep 23, 2016 | First Home Buyers

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You've found your dream home and signed all of the contracts - but what's next? Here is a 3 part…

You’ve fallen in love with your dream home design and finally signed the contracts for the perfect house and land package. What comes next? The next step is to meet with your Prestart Consultant to complete the prestart process.

During your Prestart Meeting, you will finalise the internal and external colour selections and finishes, select all relevant products and upgrades, decide on the electrical layout of your home and complete the last of the contract documentation.

There is a whole lot of information to look through and it can be a little overwhelming to those who aren’t familiar with the process. In order to simplify things, we’ve split up the prestart process into this 3 part series.

Part 1 – The PRE Prestart Meeting Checklist

the smart pre prestart checklist to complete before you go to your prestart meeting with smart homes for living


1. Finalise all structural changes.  By the time you have scheduled your Prestart Meeting, you will have already chosen your home design and customised any structural changes through iDesign and with Smart directly.

Before you go into your meeting, your drawings should be finalised and ready to be sent away for Energy and Efficiency Compliance and Engineering Certification. If any structural changes are required, this needs to happen BEFORE your meeting. Structural changes include, but are not limited to, re-sizing of windows, ceiling heights, modification of internal and external walls and changes to the facade (elevation).

2. Review your site, elevation, floor, kitchen and bathroom layout plans.  Make note of any minor adjustments or alterations and bring them with you to your Prestart Meeting. This includes colour selections, cupboard positioning or choosing tiling vs carpet.

3. Consider your finance options.  If you have been pre-approved for finance at the time of your Prestart Meeting, make sure you have allocated a budget towards any optional upgrades and extras you might choose. This provides you with the flexibility to make confident decisions regarding the finishings of a house you may live in for the rest of your life. If you need assistance, we have exceptional financial advisors at Home Loan Republic who can help you through the process.

4. Visit our state of the art show room.  View our range of internal and external selections as well as some upgrade alternatives. This will allow you to peruse the selections at your leisure and get a feel for different textures and finishings, instead of being rushed and overwhelmed on the day of your Prestart Meeting.

Browse through our state of the art show room at Smart's Osborne Park head office

Browse through our state of the art show room at Smart’s Osborne Park head office.


5. Complete an electrical plan.  Consider the position of your furniture and note down any relocations of included items and additional items you wish to add at your prestart meeting (such as power points, light points and TV points) and/or relocations of any included items. Just in case electrical plans aren’t your specialty, check out our blog “How to understand your electrical plans“, which provides a few professional insights to build your confidence when approaching your own electrical designs.

6. Read the materials you are sent.  All of the material we send out to you is vital when it comes to understanding your building plans. It will not only assist you in all of your selection decisions, but will also save you a lot of time and pressure on the day of your Prestart Meeting.

7. Complete your Prestart Selection Guide.  This information package will be sent to your home.  The Prestart Selection Guide involves: selecting your internal and external colours and finishes, completing your ceramic tile and laminate selections and finalising your product selections for your main living areas, kitchen, ensuite, bathroom and laundry.

8. Ask someone to mind the children.  This meeting goes for 3-5 hours.  Sitting still for this amount of time can be draining for adults – imagine what torture it can be for the kids.

By following this PRE Prestart Checklist, your Prestart Meeting will be straightforward and hassle free.  Do your homework, put in the extra effort and be active in the prestart process.  This is your dream home and you should take advantage of all of the customisation options available to you!

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Written by Siobhan


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