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The Ninja Sphere – Australian Smart Home Product Set to Revolutionize New Homes

Aug 4, 2014 | Inside the home, Smart Products

The Ninja Sphere- Australian invention about to ship to the world.

The Ninja Sphere- Australian invention now shipping to the world.

An Australian start-up tech firm is about to ship a revolutionary new ‘smart home’ product, called ‘The Ninja Sphere’ – that could change the way we all interact with our homes.

The kickstarter backed product, the Ninja Sphere by Ninja Blocks is a ‘Smart Home’ hub for gathering all sorts of data about the state of your home. From human movement, temperature, climate, light, energy use, pets and more – the bluetooth enabled device is set to change the way we use the home.

The Ninja Sphere is essentially the brain of your home. Controlling all gadgets and electronic devices, helping your home to be more energy efficient and convenient, with all your home appliances working together in harmony, so you can get the most our of home living.

Lights on Lights Off

Gone are the days where you need to remember to switch lights off, the sphere allows you to travel through your home without ever switching a light on or if. It will do it for you, with a device like a ‘fit-bit’

Never Lose Your Keys/Wallett/Glasses Again

Lost your keys or wallet? Never again. The Ninja Sphere will use its technology to triangulate their location, wherever you left them in your home.

Climate Control

If you’re home and the temperature climbs or falls to certain level, say 12C in winter or 26C in Summer, the Ninja Sphere will start regulating your home air conditioning and heating systems to keep it warm or cool independently.

Keep Track of Pets

Did Rover sneak into your bedroom and snooze on your good quilt during the day? Ninja Sphere will know, and in real time.


Ninja will tell you who’s arrived home, or if someone is out. You’ll also be able to keep track of valuables in case they are moved, or unauthorized persons are in the house.

Here’s a brand video explaining how Ninja Sphere works

H/T to & TechCrunch

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