The First Home Buyer Timeline (in three easy steps!)

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Well, it’s a little more complicated than just ‘three easy steps’. That sounds more like the instructions on the back of a 2-minute noodle packet! And while we admit that we love noodles almost as much we as love helping first home buyers get into their new home, the three steps to getting your keys can be even more nourishing! Hey, who says 2-minute noodles aren’t nourishing?! Anyone saving for a deposit will tell you otherwise! “Keeping first home buyers alive since the GFC” should be their new tag-line #you’rewelcomeMaggie


Finance First:

It’s pretty ballsy jumping into a discussion about finance when we’ve just painted a picture of you living off microwave noodles while saving for your deposit! But, it doesn’t have to be like that – just check out our article Saving Tips for First Home Buyers. It’s all about balancing your new investment with the joys of life, and sushi with a side of Zambreros is certainly a joyous part of our life. So, before you start envisioning your days in your new swanky home surrounded by lush scandi interiors, ordering Uber Eats every night, get onto your finance FIRST.

finance first calculator

We see it happen all the time. People get excited and fall head over heels in love with a block of land. They get their loan secured and it feels like they’re sailing their way towards a lifetime of ocean views and coffees on the beach …Until “OHHH $*@T” they now need a second mortgage to build an actual home on their “we just have to live here” block of land annnnddd it doesn’t get approved! The chickens have a saying about all their eggs and one basket, or is it the egg before the chicken thing? Either way, finance needs to be your first port of call and you need to know exactly what you can get BEFORE you fall in love with anything that has a dollar sign in bold out the front (and possibly a bunch of more dollar signs in the fine print)!

It’s time to go-go-gadget finance smarts and put pen to paper – or put formula to excel spreadsheet for all our non-baby boomer readers out there. And hey, if the only finance smarts you have is to contact some full-time finance smarties, then that’s alright by us. There are more money smarts held under the roof of V Homeloans*  – our internal finance arm – than you can find in all the Kardashian mansions combined (okay, maybe minus Kylie)! They work with numbers but not at the expense of your livelihood. Don’t worry, we made sure they knew the importance of factoring in extra avo on a burrito before we even started working with them. Any budget team needs to know the importance of finance that covers the full whammy of costs (house, land, settlement costs, pre-start allowance, guac) without going over budget.

Another cool thing about V Homeloans, besides their reciprocal love of Mexican takeaway: they are independent to the banks so their interests lie with you and your new home NOT with the banks and their profits. Plus, they can:

  • See if you’re eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (or other rebates) and help you get everything you need to kick the process into gear.
  • Bargain for the best deal for you out of a pool of over 20+ lenders, including the big four banks.
  • Deal with all the legal boring stuff like paperwork and contracts. They’ll talk you through the whole thing so you don’t feel like a fish trying to ride a bike.
  • Talk the talk; chatting with your lender, builder, or agent on your behalf.

Land Second:

We know, we know, it’s so tempting to let the excitement take over and skip through to the fun design stuff, especially if you just got your finance approved. But the pendant lighting design can wait while you figure out where you’re building your first home; because, what’s a pendant lighting scheme without consideration for the direction of natural light?! Beyond the lighting (although we’re not sure anything else is as important) there’s the solar irrigation to think about, street position, size of the home, council requirements … the list goes on and on. Yep, you’ve got to secure the land second. But the good news, you’ve already got the finance sorted – and had a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate that milestone – so you can narrow down the search based on budget. Hot tip: ensure the land ticks all of your boxes while still leaving enough of the loan to get the actual house built on that fancy square of dirt.

Okay, let’s start narrowing it down even further with one of the easier questions: are you going for north, east, or south of the river? Now we have a general area, let’s dive into one of our fave things, a checklist:

  • Access to amenities. Think community centres, medical, daycares
  • Planed government or development works. This could stall your move-in date, not to mention interrupt your ability to zen-out
  • Proximity to key destinations (city, beach, work, shopping, schools)
  • Close to friends and family – or far enough away, whatevs
  • Cost per m2 in comparison to surrounding areas. It’s always worthwhile casting your net a little further
  • Potential for growth. Look into rental growth or capital growth in the area
  • Size of the block. Will it fit the home you need for now and the future?

When in doubt, ask your Smart Homes For Living consultant. It’s their job to know what you’re after and give you all the hot tips on how to negotiate on land prices. They might even know of exclusive land or land rebates that aren’t advertised anywhere else! If our reviews are anything to go by, you’re in for a treat.


Home Third:

The part you’ve been waiting for is FINALLY here and it’s just as satisfying as you imagined. You’ve got the $$$, you’ve secured the land, and now it’s time to get your head in the clouds and start designing the first home of your dreams.

Rather than overwhelming you with blueprints, numbers, and fast-talking salespeople (you could just watch Million Dollar Listing for that), we keep things simple, super stylish, and super smart. The standard inclusions for each Smart Home are enough to give your mates a serious dose of the green-eyed monster. There’s our stunning choice of rendered front elevations, Colorbond steel roof covers and fascias, Granite collections pavers, Deluxe 900mm Westinghouse stainless steel kitchen appliances, WA cabinetry with soft close kitchen drawers. And that’s all STANDARD! From this baseline of brilliance, you can add what you need and what you just can’t live without – hello WIR, kitchen scullery, and freestanding tub!

When Smart build homes we build them for the long haul. All first home buyers and builders are choosing us because we don’t just build for the right look, we build for the right lifestyle:

  • Fixed site costs so no budget blow-outs
  • Lifetime structural guarantees
  • Designs to make you drool; just clean the keyboard after
  • Floorplans with space for dayzz
  • Fully customisable designs with our online iDesign feature
  • Speccy extras included as standard (yes way!) 

We probs don’t need to convince you any further but for all those fence sitters out there, think about how much you’re paying in rent. Got the number? Well, we have new home designs from $266* per week. Nuff said.

There’s a handy little ‘Let’s Chat’ button at the bottom of the screen if you’re up for a chat. We’re fully nourished and ready when you are!