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May 30, 2019 | House and Land Packages

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Mondo Nougat We’re now onto blog four of our Swan Valley (SV) access-all-areas VIP tour. And this time, it’s Mondo Nougat…

Mondo Nougat

Image of the front counter of mondo nougat

We’re now onto blog four of our Swan Valley (SV) access-all-areas VIP tour. And this time, it’s Mondo Nougat spreading their gooey goodness all over our day – hello, pistachio and cranberry! This family of confectionary lovers decided to set up camp in the SV and we couldn’t be happier.

Join us for a Q&A journey with Mondo Nougat and then start packing; you’ll want this place to become your local hang. Speaking of local hangs, if you haven’t read our other SV business blogs, check out The Tribe for interior tips you never knew you needed, and The Cheese Barrel for the two best things on the face of the earth – cheese and wine!

Q&A Smart Feature sesh with Mondo Nougat

Q: What’s the best part about making nougat as a living (and doing it in the Swan Valley)?

A: “La Dolce Vita (the sweet life) is a beautiful thing. Being surrounded by food all day long is easy to get used to. And along with our 25+ nougat varieties, we also do pastries, biscotti, and gelato! Also, we taste test every single thing we make. Doing it in the open air of a five-acre property with its morning birds and stunning sunsets is truly something special.”

Q: What was your motivation to make the Swan Valley your business home?

block of Mondo Nougats sweet

A: “We outgrew our previous facility and SV offered an opportunity to open a retail outlet and a factory display window. The Romeo family saw a huge advantage to enter the Swan Valley tourism market because nougat factories are few and far between. We were able to wholesale, manufacture, retail, and offer a unique visitation experience to local and international tourists. It’s a very rare combination that we felt could only be achieved in the Swan valley.

Q: Tell us about your Swan Valley #LocalLove

A: “The Swan Valley is extremely unique as you can have the country lifestyle and yet be in historic surrounds like Guildford in 10 minutes. There’s nowhere like it on earth and I think a lot of people take for granted how special and unique this combination is. After being here for 13 years we have become locals and we do a lot of sponsorship and donations to all sorts of Swan Valley community events. It’s the locals here that keep our business alive so we love to be part of the successful community initiatives!”

Q: Who will we see when we come to visit Mondo Nougat?

A: The Romeo family is always at work. Dad, Alfonso, and middle son, Simone, are often behind the production window running an amazing team of people – some have been with us for close to 20 years! Marco, the youngest of three children, is often found in the shop sharing a coffee with a customer whilst Amanda or Dave are serving our amazing and diverse customers. Eldest son, Andrea, Eddy (unofficially the 4th son) can be found doing everything and anything office related. Mum, Toni, has the hardest job of all: keeping everyone in check.

Wow! We knew Mondo Nougat was a family affair, but this is so extra!

Baking mixer full of the Nougat being made

Q: What’s the wildest, most creative nougat flavour you’ve made?

A: “Lavender and Singapore Sling is our latest creation! We also did a triple choc once but it was way too over the top.”

Keeping the extra vibes coming and we love it!

Q: Who are some of your favourite neighbours?

A: “Can I list 7?? Let’s start with Talijancich Wines for fortified wines like nothing you’ve ever had. The staff are also a true highlight. Then there’s Sittella Wines for a consistently amazing lunch with wines to blow you away. For a luxury experience you can’t go past Mandoon Estate. Check out our blog on Mandoon Estate for all the luxe info! For an alternative sweet treat to nougat, the macarons of Maisons St Honore are a fan favourite. Bella on Caversham for a Vietnamese Banh Mi roll and Morish Nuts (our actual neighbour) for anything nut related. Wasabi macadamia are our fave! Let’s not forget Illusionary Art for a mind-altering art experience.

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Written by Siobhan


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