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May 30, 2019 | House and Land Packages

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The Tribe New home, who dis? One of the best things about building your new home is all that #blankcanvas…

The Tribe

the tribe flat design of chair, plant and decorative mirror

New home, who dis? One of the best things about building your new home is all that #blankcanvas interior potential! A throw here, a feature mirror there. Every space is an opportunity to show your style and no one knows style like The Tribe. Our next Swan Valley feature biz comes direct from these beauties and this is one boutique that will get your home looking as smart as your new wardrobe. Yep, they do threads and accessories too! Oh, and when you’re venturing (or nesting) in the Swan Valley, you’ll have plenty of places to show off your new look. Check out our Q&A with The Cheese Barrel and Mandoon Estate while you’re scoping out our online space.

But for now, stay right here for a Q&A sesh with The Tribe, aka the IRL Pinterest board. You know the one, it’s titled ‘Dream Home Interior’!

Q&A Smart Feature sesh with The Tribe

Q: What was it about the Swan Valley that drew you to set up shop here?

A: “Many years ago I owned a table grape vineyard in the Swan Valley so this place has a lot of memories for me. I am also the first gift store to be able to trade in the Valley – a huge thrill.”

Q: What do you love about your home here?

A: “The Valley is full of very hardworking business owners, from wine makers to table grape growers and restaurant owners. So, I am always surrounded by strong, ethical business people who want the best from their community and surrounds (I’m not sure the general public is aware of the hours slaved away on a bunch of grapes)! The stores in Swan Valley Central are all currently owned and run by women, which is just amazing. The community is extremely supportive of my business and we are growing a very firm connection here.”

Q: Here’s our online ‘employee of the month’ question: Who would you love to give a shout out to?

A: “I have two outstanding members of my team, Julie and Abbey. Both have my back and give me incredible amounts of support. Their customer service and product knowledge skills are exceptional – I’d be lost without either of them! Next time you’re in The Tribe, you’ll be sure to meet one (or both) of them.”

decorative plant pots

Q: What’s a must-have interior product for someone putting together their first new home?

A: “Wall art! Most people tend to spend time and money looking for the perfect lounge or bedroom suite, but ‘that piece’ on the wall has the 

power to show your taste and uniqueness. Whether it be art in the traditional sense, a 

close angle of clock, decorative pieces and flowers

carved mirror, or an interesting clock, a feature piece will 

help to fill a space and set the tone of the room.”

Q: What’s your fave interior theme? Give us some insider’s inspo.

A: “I always like to keep my paint colours neutral. You can always spice up a space or a room with the right throw, cushion collection, vases, decor pieces, or wall piece. It is then really easy to change up a room when you get tired of the colours or style. At The Tribe we are happy to give advice on selections, so feel free to bring along pictures of your room or inspiration you have seen online – it’s actually my favourite part of the job!”

Check out some of our Smart display homes for some serious interior inspo!

Q: Time to share some of your local #locationsmarts. What’s your favourite thing to do in the Swan Valley?

A: “Oh, that’s an easy one. I love to explore the wineries and the amazing restaurants – there are so many around us and we still can’t get enough!”

Check out our Swan Valley #lifestylesmarts

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