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Apr 18, 2019 | House and Land Packages

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The Cheese Barrel Our Swan Valley vid was a total hit and it’s thanks to all the amaze local businesses…

cheese barrel entryThe Cheese Barrel

Our Swan Valley vid was a total hit and it’s thanks to all the amaze local businesses who came on board and gave us free stuff… JOKES! It was because they make the Swan Valley what it is. Their love and commitment to the region has transformed this place into one of the smartest, most investment-savvy places to live in WA! We could talk all day about the #locationsmarts but we do that all the time so, this time, we’re dedicating five blogs to them – the Swan Valley hot spots that make this location so dayyymn smart in the first place. Let’s kick things off today with The Cheese Barrel.

You love your cheese, you love your wine, and you love summers outside watching a movie that makes you remember the good ol’ days at the drive-ins with The Pink Ladies (or was that a scene from Grease?!) Either way, the whole cheese and wine thing stands – if you’re anything like our ENTIRE office that is – and the Cheese Barrel has some of the best in the biz.

Side note: The outdoor cinema is totally a thing, a thing with a crepe van no less

– we didn’t just include it to reference Grease, although who doesn’t love a Summer Nights sign song?!

Q&A Smart Feature sesh with The Cheese Barrel

Q: What drove you to set up shop in the Swan Valley?

A: “Olive Farm Wines is home to The Cheese Barrel, an idea born from the 4th generation Olive Farm Wines wine maker and our current owner, Anthony Yurisich. He built The Cheese Barrel as a concept café, delivering a complete cheese and wine experience in a relaxed vineyard setting.”

Q: What do you love about the region?

A: “We love the accessibility of the Swan Valley, its down-to-earth feeling, and the gorgeous collaborations and connections between businesses. We also love the fact that it’s the second oldest wine region in Australia, beginning in 1829! This means that 2019 marks the 185th vintage (the first five years were spent waiting for the fruit to be wine ready) and we’ve been making wine here for 185 years!”

team members working on the vineyardQ: Who’s in your team and what are some of the highlights of the people involved?

A: “We love our team and treat all our staff as our first customer. It is vital that they feel involved, respected, and included so we often refer to our ‘brains trust’ when making decisions. We involve ourselves in a lot of off-site events so it’s lucky we have a group of organised, outgoing, and confident staff to take our cheesy business to the people.”

Q: What does your perfect day look like at work (and then after work too!)?

A: “Well, it definitely involves cheese and conversation … usually more cheese and most certainly wine. But really, our days are built around the customer’s experiences. That can be as simple as ensuring everyone is met with a friendly smile to planning a range of unique events that roll out over the year. There is never a slow moment at The Cheese Barrel.”

Q: What are some tips on cheese and wine pairing?

outside shot of the balcony seating at the cheese barrel

A: “When pairing cheese with wine you should look to either complement or contrast flavours. You can balance the saltiness and meaty flavours of a washed rind with a lovely sweeter rose, or you can enhance the bold, grassy, and sharp flavours of an aged cheddar with a bold, strong red wine such as the Durif or Shiraz.

Q: If you had to pick your favourite pairing, what would it be?

A: “We have a local pair that we love at The Cheese Barrel, it’s a fresh and citrusy Swan Valley Verdelho with a fluffy, fresh, and citrusy Gidgegannup Kytren Chevre. It’s a wonderfully fresh and local pair you can’t go past!”

Q: What’s your fave thing about The Cheese Barrel?

A: “The location! Who doesn’t love sitting on a deck, over tree-lined Susannah Brook, sipping on wine and eating cheese!”

Q: Let’s finish things off with some Swan Valley #locationsmarts. What’s your favourite must-visit local hang?

A: “Lilac Hill Park is such a beautiful spot to stroll along and enjoy the beauty of the Swan River with the water lapping right up to the banks. Ducks float by on the river, birds fly around the trees, historic buildings stand proudly on the banks…it’s a tranquil reminder of how very special the Swan Valley is.”

Ed. note: Packing out picnic basket as we speak! This description is picture perfect.

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