Swan Valley Smarts Feat. *cue the trumpets* Mandoon Estate

May 30, 2019 | House and Land Packages

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Mandoon Estate Mandoon Estate was a serious highlight of our Swan Valley feature vid. Sure, we got to do a…

Mandoon Estate

Mandoon Estate was a serious highlight of our Swan Valley feature vid. Sure, we got to do a lil’ wine tasting and a lil’ vineyard wandering, but when it comes to the Swan Valley, Mandoon Estate is a must #tagin for more reasons than wine – yep, we went there! If (ahem … when) you live here, your Sunday sesh is about to get a fancy makeover. Like, does your local have a private river? When you mix the stunning surrounds with a gourmet lunch – from WA’s most awarded boutique winery no less – forget trying to find the perfect filter, Mandoon Estate is already picture perfect! Your gram can thank us later.

Q&A Smart Feature sesh with Mandoon Estate

outdoor shot of people enjoying drinks at mandoon estate

We asked: What made you choose Swan Valley as the home for Mandoon Estate?

A: “We loved the sense of history, community, and authenticity that the Swan Valley represents. With agri-tourism at its heart, it made sense to build on that.”

Q: What do you love about the region?

A: “We love the people most of all. Down-to-earth and inspirational. The people are what makes the Swan Valley such a great place to live and work.”

Q: Who makes up Mandoon Estate?

A: “We have over 150 employees, all performing different but equally important roles. We are a collective, a family, and the sum of us is much more important than any individual.”

Q: What does your perfect day look like at work (and then after work too!)?

A: “Arriving to a beautiful vineyard in the heart of the Swan Valley, meeting with members of our team to discuss all things wine, beer, food, and tourism. Finishing the day with a Swan Valley Verdelho or a refreshing craft pale ale.”

Q: What’s your fave thing about Mandoon Estate?

A: “Its diversity and approachability. There is literally something for everyone here, from a kids’ playground and the beer garden to a one-hatted fine dining restaurant, a boutique hotel, and a craft brewery. Let’s not forget a world class winery either!”

Ed. note: Don’t worry, we never forget the winery 😉

Q: Tell us a bit about your favourite food and wine pairing. What should we be ordering?

wide shot of a group of people at mandoon estate

A: “You can’t beat Donnybrook Marron paired with Mandoon Estate Reserve Chardonnay! If you want to do this at home, simply poach your Marron and finish it off under the grill with some butter. The natural flavours don’t need too much interference so keep it simple and let the Chardonnay bring all the tastes alive.”

Q: What’s the must-try dish on the Mandoon menu? (asking for a friend)

A: “All of our desserts are a must try, but the Ruby chocolate, coconut, and lychee is a standout!”

Ed. note: Can that be Ubered to my office?? (I mean, my friend’s office)

Q: Time to share your insider #locationsmarts. Tell us about your fave Swan Valley spot.

A: “Taking a leisurely walk at Bells Rapids offers fantastic views and the occasional encounter with a grey kangaroo. That’s my go-to.”  

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Written by Siobhan


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