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Smarten up your Kitchen: How to Make it more Functional

Sep 16, 2014 | Featured, Inside the home, Interior Design

Smarten up your Kitchen: How to Make it more Functional

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The kitchen is regarded by many home owners as their favourite space in the house. It is the room most often used every day, bringing the family together and helping to entertain guests. With the kitchen being high demand, it’s important that it not only looks the part  but also functions without any hiccups. It might look beautiful and have the highest tech appliances, but if the layout doesn’t meet your lifestyle needs then all that fanciness doesn’t matter.

Most of us are tight on space in the kitchen, and although we all want it to be a masterchef’s dream, sometimes space constraints happen. But even though you have a smaller spaced kitchen, does not mean it can’t still be functional and beautiful.

When dealing with a smaller kitchen:

  • Use smaller and more compact appliances.
  • Make use of the center of your kitchen. Create an island if there is not one already as an island place for storage.
  • Create the illusion of more space with lighting.
  • Floor tiling placed diagonally will make your kitchen appear longer.
  • Replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones
  • Flood the space with light
  • Storage really matters
  • Merge into a larger place
  • Use a pullout cabinet
  • Incorporate open shelving
  • Remove clutter
  • Remember: less is more

Here’s how to plan a functional kitchen layout to meet your needs as well as fit your space.


Ask yourself these questions first:

1. How will the space be used – creating large meals for a big family or quick microwave solo meals?

2. What is your cooking style?

3. What appliances are you going to want?

4. Would you want people in the kitchen with you, or people sitting on the other side of the bar talking to you while you cook?


Quick Tips to Boost Kitchen Functionality:

 1. Use Vertical Wall Storage

Make use of that vertical space. Image via HGTV

2. Organise the drawers

Kitchen drawers

Proper organisation will increase productivity so you spend less time looking for things and more time cooking. Image via HGTV

3. Choose armless stools

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Hat Tip to HGTV and Onekindesign

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