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The Smart Toothbrush Has Arrived

Sep 2, 2014 | What's trending

The Smart Toothbrush

Smartbrush coming to a Smart Home near you.

Smartbrush coming to a Smart Home near you. (via Beam Technologies) via Beam Technologies

Yes, the Smart Toothbrush is here.

US based Beam Technologies has developed a toothbrush that is both a health, hygene and entertainment device.

The company has just raised $5 million for the ‘Beam Toothbrush’ to develop and market the device – so the device could be coming to your bathroom very soon.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The company’s sensor-outfitted brush measures how often a person brushes, and for how long. It also communicates with a mobile app that starts a two-minute timer when the user begins brushing his or her teeth, and then gives the user the chance to hear music or watch video clips from other apps during the two-minute timeframe. The company is working out new uses for the data collected by the toothbrush.

Company CEO Alex Frommeyer said: “We’ve been working hard to transform the mundane two minutes people spend brushing their teeth to create a highly engaging user experience — so much so that on our first run, the Beam Brush sold out.

According to blog Mobi Health, there are a number of other ‘smart toothbrush’ products set to hit the market soon:

This year, several other connected toothbrush companies have announced products.

In February, dental hygiene company Oral-B announced its Bluetooth-connected electric toothbrush line, SmartSeries. SmartSeries will offer users six different brushing modes — daily cleaning, deep clean, whitening, gum care, sensitive, tongue cleaning — so that users can personalize their brushing experience with their dentist. The app starts a timer when the user begins to brush and leads the user through whichever brushing routine suits their needs.

A few months later, a startup, Kolibree, launched a Kickstarter campaign for its smartphone connected electric toothbrush, which raised $30,000 over its $70,000 goal. Kolibree’s connected toothbrush has sensors that detect not only how long users brushed their teeth, but also whether they hit all the hard to reach places between gums and teeth. Kolibree wants brushing to last two minutes and the app will alert the user when time is up. Since the app doesn’t run in the background, while brushing, users can scroll their Twitter feed, watch a video, or listen to a song through Kolibree’s app.

Beam Technologies website.

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