SMART tips to get the most out of your multi-purpose furniture

Jan 23, 2017 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Do you crave a home that's efficient and convenient whilst saving space and money? Check out our top tips for…

So you’re after a practical home that exudes style and sophistication, and it may seem difficult to tick all of the boxes. Do you crave a home that’s efficient and convenient whilst saving space and money?

Look no further – check out our top tips for getting the most out of your multi-purpose furniture!

1. Bike Shelf 

When you think about maximising space and maintaining a stylish interior, you probably don’t imagine storing a bicycle in your home. This convenient and functional bike shelf is the ideal way to store your beloved bike and neatly keep your favourite reads in order.

If you’re exceptionally handy, you could even make one of these yourself, otherwise you can visit Knife & Saw to purchase one. It comes in Walnut and White Oak finish.

Walnut bike shelf

2. Mirror ironing board  

A simple and effective way to maximise your space, minimise time spent on chores and get yourself out the door quicker than ever before.

A cheval mirror that rotates to become an ironing board will make for the perfect multi-purpose item – allowing you to iron your clothes and admire them in the mirror, all in one go.

3. The Folding Chair Ladder

This clever product helps reach those items that are stored in hard to reach cabinets. This item is perfect if you don’t have the space for a ladder. Better yet, this functional product folds down into a stylish chair, making it the ideal piece of multi-purpose furniture. You can find an abundance of different designs online, including Ebay, Gumtree & Stonewall Kitchen.

4. Peek-a-boo Side Table

There are some great pieces of furniture that utilise every ounce of space possible, yet still look stylish and maintain a functional nature. This Peek-a-boo Side Table allows items to be stored underneath and inside the shelves once opened. You can keep items you need close by without over cluttering, making this multi-purpose furniture perfect for any area of your home.

Via apartmentlifestyle

5. Bedroom Storage

There are a number of bedframes that include built in storage and maintain an exceptionally stylish finish. Who doesn’t want more space for their shoes and clothes in their bedroom? These multi-purpose bed frames take efficiency to the next level, minimising potential clutter and maximising space in your room. Check out Ikea for some more under bed storage options. 

Have the urge to tidy up your home or need ideas for your new place?

See our Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet and How much storage is enough?

Written by Siobhan


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