Smart Housewarming Gifts That Won’t Dissapoint

by | Jun 10, 2015 | First Home Buyers

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Got a housewarming coming up? Get some gift inspiration from these popular and smart housewarming gifts that won't disappoint.

Being invited to a house warming party is great, but choosing a gift to bring with you can be overwhelming. Read on to find some great ideas on what to bring when you’re invited.


Custom welcome mat

DIY Welcome Mat: You can’t go wrong with a welcome mat, an essential welcome start to any new home. But why not put a unique DIY spin on it? All you need is a cheap doormat, spray paint and basic template materials to create a personalised gift that will definitely be used. (via Griffanie)


Otherwise, have a look at that will create a custom design for you.




DIY Dinner Kit

DIY Dinner: Instead of making a casserole, how about encouraging the new homeowners to make their first meal together? Providing all of the ingredients makes it stress free. (via Nurse Frugal)




Custom Address Stamp

Custom Address Stamp ($44): This stamp is ideal for the newlywed homeowners who have a lot of thank you notes to send out. Check out all of the elegant font options at the B+C Shop, or from the range of custom stamp websites below:


Travel Spice Kit

Travel Spice Kit ($15): Restocking the kitchen cabinets after a move can be such a pain, so these 20 herbs and spices are perfect for getting your friends through the first few weeks of quick meals.



Soft Throws

 Ombre Softest Throw ($39): We feel cozier and calmer just looking at these snuggly shades from West Elm. For an added housewarming touch, you can have it monogramed for only nine dollars more.




Pantone Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are another great housewarming gift. But why not go one step further with something bright and gorgeous, like the Pantone coffee maker?

Pantone Coffee Maker ($35): Have we mentioned how much we love Pantone? And what better way to display its Vintage Blue hue than with this vintage-style metal brewer, perfect for waking up at breakfast.


Ory Tray

The new home owners will likely be wanting to entertain guests in their new home. So why not get them a cute tray? But no ordinary tray – how about one covered in calf hair. It doesn’t get much more luxurious then that.

Ory Tray ($198): A unique way to present breakfast in the morning.


Wooden Serving Bowl

Who can go wrong with a simple wooden serving bowl?

Wooden Serving Bowl ($20): A lot of stuff gets tossed during a big move, like plasticware from the kitchen. That’s where you come in, replacing those old, stained bowls with gorgeous acacia hardwood featuring a punch of color.


Marble Cheese Knives

Marble Cheese Knives ($31): What house party would be complete without a cheese platter? Package this beautiful knife set with some brie and dig in.


Design Sponge Cheese Board Kit

Design*Sponge Cheese Board Kit ($40): You know the hosts better than anyone, so design the wood-burnt patterns just the way they’d like, for a great complement to the marble knives. For a more personal touch, add the alphabet pieces for $10 more.


DIY Wrapped Cookbook

 DIY Wrapped Cookbook: This takes a very simple housewarming idea — a cookbook — and vastly improves the presentation by wrapping it in a tea towel or cloth napkin. (via 365 Days of Pinterest Creations)



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Written by Madeleine


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