Smart Home Guide: What to Know Before You Buy

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What is a Smart Home? Simply put, a smart home is one that includes gadgets, system or appliances that connect…

What is a Smart Home?

Simply put, a smart home is one that includes gadgets, system or appliances that connect either to the internet and/or to your smartphone. You can then control and interact with these devices using an app.

Smart home products and services come in all shapes and sizes. You can have a security system that taps into your internet connection for monitoring. Or you can have LED light bulbs that you can dilm or turn on using your smartphone. Even if you have just a wireless router connected to the internet with a laptop or a tablet, you still have the foundations of a smart home.

Soon, smart homes will get even more smarter than what they already are. Here’s how to start turning your home into a smart home too. The smart home will be automated and more extremely convenient.

Making the home into a smart home

DIY gadgets you can install yourself or subscribing to services will help make your home more smarter. For example, the Nest thermostat is a popular device that can be installed by the homeowner. The more you use Nest, the more accurate it gets in learning your habits and then adjusting the temperature based on your patterns.


Source: Toms Guide

Security cameras are another popular type of smart home device. Many companies have security system products that integrate into each other. Dropcam in particular made a name for itself by making cameras that are easy to view and control from your smartphone. Baby cams provide live feeds and motion detection but also a two-way audio and other features tailored to the segment.

Source: Toms Guide

Source: Toms Guide

Lighting is also getting smarter with smart LED bulbs being able to be controlled with an app and dimmed, turned on and off and in the case of Phillips Hue system, you can even change the colour to set the mood of a room.

Smartlocks allow you to control when your home is locked or unlocked, and is great for scheduling access for babysitters. Goji Smart Lock does this right, as well as taking pictures of everyone who appears at your door in front of your lock.

Interested in making your home smarter?

Go about it in steps. Try starting with something like smart plugs, which will convert many household items such as lamps into smart devices. Invest in smart home technology that can save you money in the long term. Automating lights and appliances can result in serious energy savings, meaning less bills to pay for you. Nest thermostat is one such device that will help you not waste energy. Do your research and ask friends before making big purchases.


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