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It’s a #smart future with environmentally friendly homes

To say that a lot has changed in 2020 is a MASSIVE understatement. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed (but has definitely escalated) is our passion for an environmentally focused future. I mean, just off the back of mounting climate warnings, natural disasters, and a global pandemic, you can see why the heightened activism is necessary (thanks, Greta, for motivating us to strive for better!) Needless to say, times are changing and we’re changing with it. That’s right, our homes now come in shades of green!


Eco, environmental, and green homes for the win!

We all want green products in our shopping carts, wardrobes and (the most relevant for this blog), our homes. So, when you say, “We want environmentally friendly products and energy efficient homes” we say, “Hell yeah, let’s make it happen!” Because energy efficient homes and home builders are not just a passing trend. It’s not socks with Birkenstocks (be honest, you rocked that look to school pick up at least once). So, here’s what we’re doing about it – the energy efficient homes that is, not the Birkens. We’re designing and building new homes guaranteed to meet the NatHERS 6-star energy rating. And we’re ensuring compliance as a minimum! We’re determined to drive industry change and make a real difference. #smartleaders


You: What’s NatHERS and how can I get a 6  star home?

Us: Loving the enthusiasm. We’re here to not only match it but encourage that enthusiasm to grow. Basically, ‘NatHERS’ stands for ‘Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme’ and in regards to how it applies to WA builds? It’s basically the only system approved to assess a home’s energy rating, so you know it’s a big deal. Like a new Taylor Swift album drop, BIG deal!  Plus the 6-star energy rating is now mandatory in our state, so it’s a ‘meet it or beat it’ policy when it comes to energy efficient home designs.

Beyond the 6 star rating

These NatHERS stars means your home will have all the benefits you’re searching for in an energy efficient home design. And we’re talking more than the ‘it’ll be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer’ spiel. Having a home that’s reviewed and accredited by an assessor means that your home is optimised; 24%* less energy usage, an optimised internal temperature, lower running costs, and one big ol’ (smart) future investment. Hello, resale value!


The breakdown on your energy efficient home design

If you’re reading this, we know you’re here for more than just the basic home design.  We see you eco smarties and we’ll raise you. Yes, your design is a big part of it, but there’s also orientation, glazing, climate and construction systems, even the surrounding buildings. Boom! That’s where the eco-friendly focus comes into play with your planning. Because ALL our homes are 6-energy rated. You’ll even get a certificate to prove it and let the world know (hey world!) your new home has eco smarts. Frame it how you will!


The perfect duet: eco smarts and saving $$

Like throwbacks and Thursdays, you just know it’s a match made in heaven. So, when we hear that being eco-friendly can also save us $$, you know this feat. is gonna be good! We touched on some of these earlier but like the chorus of any Daryl Braithwaite song, let’s hear it again!

A NatHERs 6-star home:

  • Uses around 24%* less energy on heating and cooling compared to a 4 or 5-star home
  • Has less artificial cooling and heating (watch those bills drop like the beat on a dancefloor)
  • Brags about a higher level of energy efficiency
  • Knows it’s holding a winning hand when it comes to resale value in the future
  • Reduces its impact on the environment by cutting your carbon footprint (this is more about the environment, but we know you eco-smarties want to hear it!)


Above and beyond

We’re not done. Sure, we could just go as far as the state-enforced standard, or we could go further. Here at Smart, we’re determined to push the industry standard, staying smart and going green! From educating new home builders to speaking with suppliers who share your values. And reviewing our internal practices to make sure we’re achieving the best possible outcomes for your home and our planet. Because while we make your home pretty, we’re doing our best to keep the planet pretty too. Our promise? We’ll meet, match, and go beyond for the environmentally focused future we’re all craving. Sorry gotta go, that’s Greta calling to thank us.


Keen to stick around? Take a looksie at our Home Designs. They’re all six star energy efficient an cute to boot.


*As projected by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia in their publication ‘Your 6-star Guide to building an energy-efficient home’ (2011), in comparison to a 4 or 5-star home. This publication is presently referred to by the Building Commission (WA) and Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (WA). Also, see Images for illustrative purposes only. Builder’s Registration No. 6415.