Why you should consider a scullery in your kitchen

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So, what exactly is this ‘scullery’ thing everybody keeps talking about? While it might sound a little bit fancy, it’s actually pretty simple. It’s an area inside your home that’s used as an overflow kitchen. The kinda space where you can do all the basics, like washing up the dishes or laundering clothes, and the not so basics, like creating Pinterest worthy storage displays and crafting for days.

If you’re organised in a ‘kmart wants to sponsor me’ way or, better yet, relish being called ‘a little OCD’ and ‘crafty AF’ it’s safe to say you’re gonna love a scullery. Ie. a space solely dedicated to stacking your Tupperware, alphabetising your spice rack and colour coordinating your kitchen appliances. In fact, you can probably already taste the sweet satisfaction of having everything arranged just how you like it in a dedicated storage space…. *starts floating away*

But if that’s not really your thing *snaps back to reality* there’re other ways you can use a scullery. Say, as your very own meal prep haven!

Source: The Bianca – Kitchen & Scullery

Whatever floats your boat, considering a scullery in your kitchen is très important. I mean, it (almost) goes without sayin’ that in this modern day and age we need all the space we can get. Especially, when it comes time to entertain large crowds and even larger appetites, like at Christmas, New Year’s and birthdays.  A scullery can provide that extra bit of room to make your life easier. It gives you the chance to store away appliances that may otherwise look messy (except the Smeg – keep them out for the world to oogle at!) and gives you more space for preparation.


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OK, so you’re totally sold on this whole scullery idea, but how do you incorporate it into your home? You can start by using iDesign by Smart Homes For Living. iDesign is a fantastic way to alter your home to suit your lifestyle. With iDesign, it’s up to you how your home is set out. There’s numerous layout options with alfresco areas and lots of other upgrades you can customise, like walk-in-robes and ensuites.

Source: The Haven – Kitchen & Scullery

For some great scullery ideas, take a look at The Empire on iDesign. By searching through the layout preferences, you’ll see an option to incorporate a scullery into the kitchen. Another home design option is The Colossus, where you can add a scullery into the central kitchen design, or to the side of your kitchen. Both look shmick as shmick can be, and don’t cost much (if any) extra to incorporate. Still not 100% sold on the idea? Then you’ll want to check out The Goliath, a design that offers an alternative (read: bigger) plan to The Colossus but still gives you the choice of a dreamy central kitchen with a scullery or a side kitchen with scullery. Last but not least, there’s The Mentor which provides the option to add a scullery to the side, as well as many other features that will help you create your ideal home.

Moral of the story: A scullery allows you to store appliances and extra bits and bobs out of sight so you can have the home you’ve always dreamed of. Less clutter, extra space and a designated area to do whatever kitchen activities your heart desires? Um, who wouldn’t want a scullery in their own home?


Originally posted June 2015. Updated for 2018!