What Should I Do Before Construction?


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“Yo, where’s my house?”

Patience, smarties! Like Rome, our new homes aren’t built in a day. We’re constructing your personal masterpiece after all. Plus feats of this wonder require lots of smarts, and a few P’s. We’re talking painstaking planning, plentiful patience, perfectionism, and performance. And, for the best performance ever, we enlist the most ordered, specific, detail-orientated people we know: the scheduling team.


This isn’t just a dress rehearsal, people! 

It’s time. Lights up! We’re ordering, purchasing, arranging, and mobilizing your drafts into action plans. The scheduling team is in the process of scheduling the arrival of materials; each nail, each tile, each roof beam, each cabinet, each…well, everything.

Suffice to say, this is the detail-oriented work our smarties are experts on! In addition to ordering the items, they’ll arrange for them to be delivered at the perfect moment. Like the orchestra conductor, they’ll make sure the right part plays when they need to. That means everything arriving in order (ie bricks after the slab) and all materials stored safely on site.

When will the show finally start?

Scheduling takes a few weeks, but once it’s all processed, your new point of contact will be your Construction Consultant. DW, they’ll reach out to you soon and introduce themselves. They’ll also give you a rundown of what happens next (ie building a freaking AMAZING home. Eeek!)

Also, before we start the work onsite, remember it’s your responsibility to make sure the site is clear of rubbish and debris. It’s very crucial for us to be able to work safely.


Already got a boundary fence at your property?

This will kinda need to be removed if your site plan states that we’re building a zero lot wall/boundary wall. Time to notify your neighbouring property before you get all Edward Scissor hands! And no stress, your Construction Consultant will give you a date to remove the fence by. We schedule everything, remember?

Ok, now back to the fun stuff! Keen to check out the next steps of your new home journey? Check out our smart series on all things construction.


Next up? Slab Down.