The Building Sales Admin Process


How to Buy



You’ve made it to sales admin,
so what is it?

Umm, only one of the most necessary steps all new homes go through on their way from plan to reality! No stress, we’ll break it down for you, and while we’re done doing that, we’ll tackle all the nitty-gritty proofing and paperwork too.

 Well, our specialised Sales Admin team will. They’re our attention to detail smarties who’ll use their keen eyes to comb through your submitted paperwork, plans, and costings to ensure everything’s as it should be. You know,  i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, and your job has everything req to progress smoothly between contracts and admin. That’s the S-T-R-E-S-S out of all the paperwork stuff #sorted.


Why is sales admin necessary?

It’s all about getting things juuusstt right so we can ensure your build breezes through our admin departments and beyond. Kinda like you do when you hear there’s a sale at Ikea (runnnn)..

By now, you would’ve had lots of discussions with your sales consultant. So, we want to make sure all those comms have made it onto the final contract. We don’t want you missing an elevation *gasp* or, heaven forbid, the (kinda essential) bricks and mortar stuff!

Okay, we’re being a tad dramatic, but this is your dream home we’re talking about. And it needs to be perfect. Also, things like prices can go back and forth so we’ll check those too! It’s just smart business.

Let’s check it out

Our Sales Admin checklist (the condensed version) looks a little
like this:

  • Cov Checks
  • Price Checks
  • Estate Checks
  • Plan Checks



How long does it take?

While your jobs are in sales admin, we allow a couple of weeks for you to look over your plans and do all those checks. We call this the review period, and it lasts about two weeks, give or take. But hey, it’s totally up to you – just remember that we can’t get cracking on your home till you’re 120% happy with the plans and have given us the green light.

And, when we see green our smart systems go, go, go. . Over the following two-ish weeks, we’ll start by receiving the engineers’ report and site inspection report for your land, if titled. And, when we’ve confirmed they’ve come back with flying colours, the checks are done, and that paperwork is looking spick and span, we pass your new home over to our Admin. Read more about what they do, here.

The fine print … made BOLD

When it comes to the structural changes – incl. roof covers and elevation selections – they can’t be changed after this stage so Sales Admin is the time to raise any concerns, make changes, and get any outstanding tweaks actioned. If you spot something, say something! (Or forever hold your peace 😉)

We’re pretty flexible in Sales Admin because, tbh past this point THERE’S NO RETURN! Just kidding. In very rare circumstances variations are permitted, but we try to avoid them as they can be very exxy and delay your build. And, who wants to spend extra $ that was earmarked for a new curved TV. Just sayin’.

What makes changes costly after Sales Admin? All the legally mandated hoops your home needs to jump through for Admin to prepare contracts and get your dreamy new Smart home to site. We’re talking:

To keep the cost of your home down we’ve allowed for each of these items *cough* hoops to be completed once. Making changes isn’t impossible. But for your wallet’s sake we don’t want you to have to complete ALL the steps a second time. Because honestly, #RIPmoney.


Next up? Contracts Admin.