Prestart Meeting (& Checklist)


How to Buy



It’s time to prep for prestart

It’s time to get on your PPE. Prestart Prep Excitement, of course! If you’re in the process of finalising your new home selections, congratulations! This is the fun part. And if you’re just here because you’re curious? Welcome! This is where you’ll get all the info and inside scoop you need.

Firstly, preparation is errrrrerything.

Now’s the time to head over to the Smart Portal and complete your online selections prior to Prestart. Making all of these important choices now means that your Prestart meeting can be a Prestart party! And by that we mean, as fun and easy as possible.

Sure, we’ll have samples of the selections which you can look at during the meeting. But, it’s easier and more efficient for everyone if you’ve thought about the details of your home beforehand. And, although your Prestart consultant is an expert and can give advice, they can’t make these decisions for you. This is your time to shine, smartie! So mark up your electrical plan with any changes you may want, and be sure to visit our supplier showrooms to select flooring and tiles. Please and thank you.

Research mode

Pinterest, magazine mood boards, Insta … this is when your design smarts join the party! You’ll be tasked with choosing every little detail of your home (even the colours of your downpipes) so if you find something you love, take a snap and have it on standby to show your consultant.

NOTE: Your home may be in an estate with specific external design guidelines. In this case, you may have a specific set of selections to make, so if you’re unsure about your new home, just check in with your new homes consultant.


Prep like a pro

Okay, let’s break down all the prep steps so that you can prep like a pro:

1) Visit our showroom, BGC Home

It’s the home of inspiration. Just sayin’.

Our stunning, architecturally-designed new homes showroom is floor to ceiling inspo and style. Over 1000sqm! Not so humble brag: BGC Home is the biggest and newest homes showroom of its kind in WA. Look, touch, post. There’s literally hundreds of products and fixtures to experience. It’s a must visit. 

2) Be the smarts you wanna see

Choosing little details, from benchtops to basins, awaits you in the guided selection process on the Smart Portal. It’s all about creating the home that you want to live in … and being the smarts you wanna to see – liveable smarts *check* entertainment smarts *check* prepared smarts *check mate*.


3) Flooring can be exciting. True story

Flooring is like the espresso to your martini. Seriously, what’s an event without a red carpet? See, flooring has the power to set the tone of your home and there are two key supplier showrooms that you should check out.

Crosby Tiles

This is where you’ll be able to select your wet area tiling, cabinetry, and main floor tiling (if applicable). There are two locations, so take your pick:

  • Osborne Park – 46 Hector Street West, Osborne Park Western Australia 6917.
  • Myaree – 88 McCoy Street, Myaree Western Australia 6154.

We recommend you go to the Osborne Park showroom if you can, as it has a lot on display! Crosby Tiles is open for normal business hours, late Thursday evenings (until 7.00pm), and Saturdays as well.

Smart tip: let them know that you’re building with Smart and they’ll show you our standard range.


Trevors Carpets

This is where you’ll select your main flooring (unless you’re opting for tiles) and bedroom flooring. They stock a wide range of carpets, hybrids, laminate, vinyls and timber planks that can be included in your new home.

Our preferred showroom is in Osborne Park, here you’ll get the VIS (Very Important Smartie) treatment. Plus, it’s just minutes away from BGC Home, so you can really make a day of it! You can always visit one of their other showroom locations to view their full range of products, but we recommend going to Osborne Park to finalise those selections. The address is:

  • 12 Frobisher St, Osborne Park WA 6017

And, it’s super important to note, if your selections from Crosbys and Trevors are not completed prior to your Prestart, it may get rescheduled until they are. So, start prepping like a pro!

4) Your electricals

You’ll need to mark out where you want your power points, light points, and light switches to be. Dabble as a lighting specialist? Sure thing!

For those who are less electrically inclined. Here are some smart tips:

  • The kitchen – Where are you gonna place your microwave, your dishwasher, coffee machine, and toaster? Do you need extra power on different sides of the kitchen bench?
  • Bedroom – Do you read before bed? Where’s your bedside lamp gonna go? Do you charge your phone beside your bed too? Maybe figure out where you will place your bed, and then place a powerpoint or two on either #stylesmarts
  • Living – Where do you want to put your electric heater in winter? If you’re hanging a TV on the wall, you’ll need a TV bracket and therefore allow for additional electrical work! If you have a dedicated theatre space, consider adding dimmer switches? But most importantly, where will your Christmas tree go?
  • Show us the extras! – Do you want dimmers? Ceiling fans? And what’s your plan for aircon?


5) Paper work’s for Smarties

Complete  Gas and Electricity account form and bring the form and/or the account numbers with you to your Prestart meeting too. We know, there’s a lot to remember for Prestart. But, if you have any question, just get in touch and we can guide you through it step by step.