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A Perth couple look at a wall of tile options together and discuss prestart home drafting.

Prestart Drafting Process

by | Sep 27, 2020 | Building Tips

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The stage that always gets forgotten *tear*

Like the forgotten middle sister from the Brady Bunch, or the phone charger you swear you packed, prestart drafting is always forgotten. But it’s kinda important considering it’s all the stages involved in the formalisation of your Prestart selections. I know! Massive, right?

Simply put, once you’ve confirmed your selections, our super smarties over in the drafting department will make all your changes as well as update all your plans, docs, and designs! Like the perfect T-Swift album (ok all her albums are perfect, am I right?) we want to make sure everything in our system is singing to the same tune. The tune of your dreamy new home! To make sure this happens, our drafting dept. will update the working drawings while your Contracts Administrator finalises your addenda. See, smarties at work over here at HQ!

A smart refresher

Because it never hurts to hear good advice twice! Check out these smart tips:

  • Please be mindful that it’s the Owner’s (that’s you) responsibility to ensure they have enough funds available to cover the prestart changes. You don’t want to be caught out when $$ is involved
  • Oh and send a copy of the prestart costs to your finance broker to confirm if these will need to be paid by They might be able to be added to the loan, so it’s smart to check!
  • Prestart upgrade costs and/or variations are on top of the building contract price
  • Plus we’ll need your Formal Finance Approval (and proof of any owner contributed funds)
  • As well as a copy of your Settlement (this can be in email form, directly from your settlement agent)
  • And lastly, your Synergy Account Number
What is the tiling stage of consturction?! Learn about waterproofing.

Next up, final docs

Just a quick sneak peek into the next stage because it’s a BIG ONE. Maybe that’s why this stage gets so easily forgotten. Hmmm. Either way, your final docs are almost done and that means a signing party is underway! Final documents are everything from contract specs to your town planning application and everything in between. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Next up? Finalising Your Documents.

Written by Siobhan


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