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If you like it, then you shoulda put
a contract on it

After a shiny new solitaire? Sorry honey, that’s not the kinda commitment we can provide. Butttt, we can do one better. By spending time and care preparing a contract that will make you, your new home, and that your blingy jewelry stash feel safe and sound.

One such commitment we make to structurally guarantee your home for life. Srsly. Life. It’s one of the biggest pluses of building with a big builder, like Smart, that just so happens to have the backing of the biggest building and construction company in WA behind it, BGC. This warranty protects you by making sure your new build is completed to our smart standards, that the structure is finished to agreed specifications, and everything meets government rules and regs.

Another commitment we make is to build your home green. We’ve all read the phrase, “There is no planet B.” So, while we’re here on planet A, we’re keen to look after it and that includes building your home to an A+ standard. This means that when you design and build with us, your new home is guaranteed to meet the NatHERS 6-star energy rating!


What’s so great about a 6* NatHERS home?

Well, six pretty cool (pardon the pun) things actually:

  • It uses around 24% less energy on heating and cooling compared to a 4 or 5 star home*
  • Reduces artificial cooling/heating
  • Has a higher level of energy efficiency
  • Gives you a 6-star energy rating #standard
  • Reduces your carbon footprint and your impact on planet A
  • Better resale value in the future!

Over here at Smart Homes For Living, we attain NatHERS 6 Star energy ratings for ALL our homes. You’ll even get a certificate to prove it. This certificate tells the world that one of our NatHERS Accredited Assessors* has dotted the eco i’s and crossed the sustainable t’s on your new home. Unlike kindy art, this one is actually worth framing. We joke, we joke. But seriously, this is a pretty big deal.


And if that wasn’t enough commitment for you

We also offer a six months maintenance period. What this means is that any maintenance issues or defects that come to light within this period, are the responsibility of the builder (lol, that’s us) to fix and repair, at no additional cost to you.

    Next up? Contracts Documentation.


    *As projected by the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia in their publication ‘Your 6-star Guide to building an energy-efficient home’ (2011), in comparison to a 4 or 5 star home. This publication is presently referred to by the Building Commission (WA) and Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (WA). Also, see Images for illustrative purposes only. Builder’s Registration No. 6415.