Building & Land Contract Documentation


How to Buy



An e-document sandwich

It’s a jam-packed contract pack and yes, it’s as tasty as it sounds, minus the sticky fingers.Inside you’ll find a layer of ‘Contract Quotation’, a thick slice of ‘Contract Drawings’, and a sprinkle of ‘Contract Addendum’. With a drizzle of our ‘Standard Specifications’ special sauce and a dash of ‘Notice to the Home Owner’. Garnished with a lump (lump sum) ‘Building Contract’ and a ‘Termite Protection Agreement’, you’re sure to be satisfied! Okay, we’ve taken that sandwich metaphor about as far as it’ll go. But seriously, your e-document ingredient list (soz, last one), is pretty impressive. 


Digitally smarter and safer

These days, the contract pack is all sent digitally. A link to view all these documents is provided by your constracts administrator via DocuSign so that all signatures and dates are recorded digitally and the files are saved securely on the Smart Portal. Tbh, paperwork is too easy to lose IRL but this way you will know where all your docs are all the time. Well, your build docs – we can’t speak for that certified copy of your passport you tucked in your suitcase five years ago.

To sign or not to sign…

When it comes to any contract we’ll give you the advice we’d give the Honey Badger the next time he wants to go on the Bachelor while also wanting to remain single. Take your time. Be sure. Only sign if you’re 100% sure and happy with EVERYTHING. Got questions? Ask them! Need a response? Get it in writing.

Because, once you sign that (digital) dotted line, structural changes are not permitted. Also, no changes can be made that will affect approvals, like the 6* energy approvals, building approvals, etc.

What are these structural changes we speak of?

  • Elevation changes
  • Roof cover changes
  • Moving windows
  • Changing window sizes
  • Adding windows
  • Removing windows
  • Changing door sizes
  • Amending door locations
  • Adding or removing doors
  • Amending internal openings
  • Ceiling heights
  • Garage opening widths
  • Any brickwork changes
  • Changing bulkheads
  • Recessed ceilings
  • FFL changes
  • Changes to stormwater
  • Alfresco sizes
  • Setbacks
  • Sunken areas
  • Changing Piers to posts or the other way

What can I change?

When it comes to non-structural changes – fixtures, finishes, the fun pretty stuff – can be made during your Prestart appointment. And heads up, these contract docs will need to be signed before we can start on the finance and shire approval process.


Next up? Contract Sign Off.