The Construction Admin Process


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when we say “contract”, you say “admin”

… or something a little less Bring It On. Nevertheless, your paperwork is now officially in Contracts Admin! And, if you’re joining us for this blog it means that you’re either well on your way to building your dream Smart home or you’re just curious about the process. Either way, we’ve got you!

What’s all the hype?

There’s good reason to get excited and that’s because Contract Admin is the stage when we start to prep everything for construction! The deal is done and now we’re talking contracts, working drawings, finance approvals. It’s about to get busaaay. (Mostly for us – ahhh, send wine!)

But hey! If you’re a detail kinda person (like us) this could be a touch hard for you. Because, well, most of the busy business stuff will be happening behind the scenes. But don’t worry, you can still track the process with the same passion as that time you tracked your ex’s comment history. Via a smart somethin’ somethin’, we call the Smart Portal.

Introducing the Smart Portal

We’ve masterminded a whole portal for all you Type A’s out there. It’s the Smart Portal and it will keep you in the loop on everything we’re doing. You can see all your selections, documents, and track your home’s progress in real-time! Log in anytime, anywhere and check it as often as you still scroll your ex’s insta feed.

Already with us? Here’s a handy link to the portal.


The stage is set

Watch via the Smart Portal (like Joe Goldburg on ‘You’) while we complete each stage. Oh, and you wanna know some insider smarts? We use our multitasking smarts to work on each task simultaneously. Meaning, we can easily shave 3-4 months off your new home journey. Smart, huh?! 

To keep the cost of your home down we’ve allowed for each of these items *cough* hoops to be completed once. Making changes isn’t impossible. But for your wallet’s sake we don’t want you to have to complete ALL the steps a second time. Because honestly, #RIPmoney.


Next up? Contracts Admin.