Your Building Permit


How to Buy



Wallet, keys, phone, building permit?

You’d never leave home without the essentials. So it’s pretty safe to say you can’t get a house without them either. And by that we mean, a building permit!

The permit authority (yes, it’s a thing) has to permit you before any building work can be done. It’s pretty damn important. It ensures that the project plans comply with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction; addressing specific issues such as: 

  • The structural integrity of the framing work, sanitation, water, and sewer lines
  • Fire protection
  • Electrical services


From Smarts to finish! It’s application time

Here’s a little step-by-step rundown of how our dedicated Shire smarties will submit your building permit application. And dw, like finance, this step can take a little while so we like to get the documentation off early. #foresightsmarts

What’s involved in the application, you ask?

1. Architectural and structural drawings (including a floor plan with all elevations and a section that provides all dimensions, levels, and construction details of walls and the roof).

2. A site plan. This includes all setbacks from boundaries, contour levels, lot number, house number, street name, north point, existing and proposed buildings, sewer and stormwater lines and easements, position of street trees, light poles, crossovers, and street drainage

3. A certificate of design compliance

4. A termite treatment and energy efficiency compliance checklist

5. Evidence that the required insurance provisions have been met

6. The prescribed application fee and levy

7. The ‘builder’ (that’s us) must sign under ‘Builder’s Details’ on the application form (cause we take responsibility for ensuring the construction complies with the applicable building standards and the provisions)

Oh, and the structural details must be signed by a certified practicing structural engineer too! All very professional, but it just means you’re on your way. And, if you’re still with us, we’d like to applaud you on your stamina smarts – that was not such an easy read, we get it! But, after this stage, it’s all about the settlement!


Next up? Settlement.