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10 Practical ways to recycle your belongings

Jul 7, 2015 | DIY Tips, Featured, Smart Tips

Due to the ever expanding cost of living it can make a great difference knowing how and where to save money. Before you throw away items you may think are otherwise useless, take a look at some great ways you can recycle below.

1. Shopping bags & cable ties

Shopping bags can be reused for future shopping trips or as bin liners around the house. Cable ties can be used to hold loose household items together, such as computer cables and Christmas lights. Another great use is for keeping plants upright. For example, if you have a rose bush that is wilting in the wind, use a leftover stake of wood or something that can support the plant and tie the cable around the plant and stake, then secure.

You can also child proof your home by keeping cabinets closed with one simple cable tie. Another great suggestion is using these ties to replace a missing zipper pull. Zippers are of no use if you can’t pull them up or down, so for a quick fix, attach a cable tie.


2. Envelopes 

By sticking labels over the address you can reuse envelopes. Alternatively, old envelopes can be used as scrap paper to make notes on.

3. Jars & Pots

By cleaning glass jars and small pots, you can use them as small containers to store odds and ends.

4. Newspaper, cardboard and bubble wrap 

Make useful packing material when moving house or to store items.


5. Old clothes

Can be made into other textile items such as cushion covers or teapot cosies.

6. Packaging 

Such as foil and egg cartons can be donated to schools and nurseries, where they can be used in art and craft projects.

7. Scrap paper

Can be used to make notes and sketches. Don’t forget to recycle it when you no longer need it.

8. Tyres

Old tyres can be given to your local petrol station where they will be recycled. Or you could make a tyre-swing by tying a strong rope around a tyre and attaching it to a tree. Another great idea is painting them and adding a base for plants to be potted in. 

9. Used wood

Can be used in woodcrafts for making objects such as a spice rack or a bird table. Alternatively it could be used as firewood.

10.  Old water bottles

There are a number of great ways to recycle your old water bottles, or any plastic bottle for that matter. You can either use these for their exact purpose again or for potting plants. Cut them in half, add drainage holes, soil and your desired plant and you have an inexpensive way to display your greenery.


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