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by | Jul 24, 2017 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Five years ago Fluffy, Princess and Mr Roger would have been hard pressed to find a home with pet smarts.…

Five years ago Fluffy, Princess and Mr Roger would have been hard pressed to find a home with pet smarts. You know, one where their fur baby lifestyle was recognized and accommodated throughout the entire building process. Well, what a difference a couple of years makes!

Today, a rising number of millennial home owners are letting their pet smarts do the talking. Requesting adjustments small and large to keep their pampered pooches comfortable and stylish whilst preserving the fixtures, finishes and furnishes they have just saved so hard for. We’re looking at you dreamy floors!

So if you want to dive in and bring your pet smarts to the surface, or just want to make sure your investment stands the test of time (and dirty paws…) listen up as the Smart Homes for Living crew shares their Design Smarts on all things pet and homes related.

The Ultimate Pet Smarts Consideration List

1. Coordinated furniture

We’re all about following the latest trends, particularly when it comes to our home designs, but sometimes it pays to follow something else entirely for fashion inspiration: your pooch’s color scheme.

The smarts verdict: There is nothing that says ‘I love mess’ like a few hundred black dog hairs on a white couch, so if you can deter this with a super easy, one off fix, like a matching couch cover you’re golden.

2. Buy a rug, or 10

If you have an open-plan home design there are bound to be a number of high traffic areas, increasing the chances of scuffs and scratches. A rug is a super easy not to mention inexpensive fix that can be implemented immediately, and adjusted whenever a new style calls. And, if you are lost as to where to start you can always try something clean and minimal like a light grey or Juppe rug, both of which will work in almost any home.

3. By a Pet Bed

And not just any old one, get something that is so comfy you pet wants to hop on it, and so pretty you want to show it off. You want to deter couch and co-sleeping after all, especially if genuine leather is involved! The range of pet beds on the market has exploded in recent years and you can even pick up a number of chic option from Kmart and e-bay. Not that we spend our days swooning over these or anything…

4. Hard Wearing Flooring

Yes, we’ll be honest, hard wearing carpet costs a little more. BUT, and it’s a biggy, its made to last. And when you are investing in something as prominent, visible, and dare we say it, as beautiful, as carpet the last thing you want is to be replacing it after a couple of years.

Speaking of hardy flooring, Laminate has come leaps and bounds and is looking so real you’ll be hard pressed to distinguish the faux grain from the real thing. Plus, if you combine the hardiness of laminate with a darker colour scheme – say via a jarrah look option– you’ve got yourself a winning combo.

The smarts verdict: If you have a couple of large inside dogs that bounce from room to room hardy carpet, tile, or laminate throughout should definitely be up there on the list of considerations.  Tiles are also great underfoot during our hot Perth summers which is a win-win for pets and home owners alike.

5. Throws

When all else fails, a glamorous woolen throw will cover a multitude of sins (and paw prints!). Simply drape one over the offending or frequently visited area(s) and get ready to embrace the complement sandwiches that come your way. The super chunky knitted ones that have been popping up all over Instagram are particularly swoon-worthy. Just saying.

Written by Madeleine


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