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The New Wave of Smart Wristbands

Aug 20, 2014 | News

The New Wave of Smart Wristbands.

Wearable tech improve our lives while we are on the go, and the most popular wearable tech is the smart wristband – primarily used for improving the users health and fitness. If you’re not already familiar with the smart wristbands on the market today (and what they offer), we’ll get you up to speed.

What is a smart wristband?

A device you wear around your wrist that tracks and monitors your activity, giving you data to help you informative improve your health and fitness as well as push you to reach your goals.

Smart Wristbands are great for people on the go. (Image Credit)

Some of the great functions some top selling smart wristbands offer:

1. Track Activity

2. Sleep Tracking

3. Heart Monitor

2. Biometric identity authentication

3. Water Logging

4. Calorie Tracking

5. Recipes

6. Food Score Ratings

7. Blood Pressure Monitor

8. Built in motivation

9. Silent alarms

10. Integrates and shares data with other popular apps like RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal as well as others.

With bluetooth connectivity (or via USB), you can wirelessly sync your wristband data to your computer or smart phone to access real-time stats of all the above and more.


Popular best selling wristbands out on the market today:

Fitbit Force | Website

Fitbit Force (Image Credit)

Fitbit Flex | Website

Fitbit Flex. (Image Credit)

JawBone Up | Website

Jawbone Up. (Image Credit)

Nike+ Fuel Band | Website

Nike Fuelband. (Image Credit)

And one to watch out for: Nymi (Pre order available. Shipping mid 2014) | Website



Header Image: Jawbone Up

Featured Image: Gadget Sin

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