The new home construction journey in 9 smart steps


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what to expect when you’re expecting.. your new home


You’ve dreamed about it and now (in only a few months) your pride and joy is on it’s way! We mean your house, of course! 😉 Every brick will be ordered, every screw will be installed, every ceiling join checked (nay, triple checked) because this is ACTUALLY happening.

And hey, if you’re not in the new home game just yet that’s totally cool, keep reading for some headstart smarts on all things construction!


You’re not in this alone!

In fact, we’ve got it from here. With hundreds of smarties involved from smart to finish (see what we did there?) you can sit back and relax. We’ve done the math, the paper work, the ordering, AND the scheduling. We’ve checked your plans, liaised with the council, and you’ve made it to the construction phase. Meaning? It’s time to watch your brick baby grow before your very eyes. Okay, we promise that’s the last time we say ‘brick baby’. It’s way too creepy.

Here’s what you can expect when you’re expecting:

Because each and every home we build is a labour of love:

1. Slab Down
Basically just an excuse to have the first party at your place! They’re called slab parties and they’re totally a thing. This stage marks the first big milestone in your building journey. Because you can’t get very far without a super strong (and smart) base to build on!


2. Underground Services
This is the part where we break new (under)ground 😜 Plumbing drains *check*, electrical run *check*, stormwater installation *check mate*. Smart things are happening under the surface to bring your home to life.

3. Brickwork
It’s time for the bricklaying brigade to get in there and work their magic. Let there be walls! Double brick walls to be exact. This stage is a total artform and a quick one at that. We’re talking around 600 bricks per day. 

4. Roof Frame and Cover
Raise the roof! And by that, we mean a specialist carpenter will be building a roof frame that gives your roofing materials the best support in town. Make room for the electric, plumbing, and gas tubes. Plus the super SWEEET roof cover and gutters you chose earlier!

5. Internal works
Your home is ready for the inside glow up. From GTEK™ walls and their ‘no cracking’ guarantee, to your ceilings and cornices being installed. Gotta get the interior ready for that perfect pinterest board styling you’ve got planned.


6. Lock Up
Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like, you can now lock your house! The external doors go on and the windows are installed, making your home totally secure. Because safety is SMART. With all that security comes all the fun stuff … like appliances and fixtures!

7. Tiling
We gotta prep the wet areas (your bathroom, laundry, kitchen) with waterproofing and then you’re getting tiles in and your splashback, if that’s part of the plan. Sure, it can feel like ages waiting for the waterproofing to dry … but then … Hello pretty new bathroom!


8. Finals
The plumbing and electrical finals will be complete. Meaning, we’ve only got some final prep for brick paving externally and then you’ll be that much closer to a grand tour of your new house!

9. PCI Complete
Inspection time! Calling all #DetectiveSmarts, because now’s your chance to pick up on any little fixes that need finalising: building defects, damages, quality of finishes, fixtures and fittings – you name it. Because once we’ve dotted I’s and crossed T’s, it’s time to hand it over to you!


If you’re building with Smart, updates will be coming at you from every which way – your inbox, the Portal, and the phone. So stay tuned.