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Dec 8, 2021 | Design and Interior Decoration

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Designer colour scheme: Mod Chic

If you didn’t squeal with excitement when the Sex & the City reboot Instagram posts came out, are you a true SATC-obsessed millennial? From the Dior by John Galliano newspaper dress to the Dior saddlebag (yes, she was way ahead of the 2021 Dior saddlebag craze) and Fendi Baguette bag, Carrie Bradshaw’s mod-chic runway pieces are just as covetable now as they were in the early 2000s. Much like the never-ending lewks of Carrie Bradshaw, the Mod Chic style captures some of today’s most popular design elements in a (Mr) Big, balanced and considered way. This ensures your new home will look effortlessly stylish, like a good pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. Crisp, clean lines and a focus on grandeur and elegance, Mod Chic suits a variety of personalities and lifestyles – whether you’re a Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, or Charlotte, we’ve got you covered.

Exterior finishes – your gateway to Mod Chic

Outside, an eye-catching modern silhouette provides endless character and style and helps the home truly stand out from the crowd. The collection offers a selection of exteriors that will turn heads like Carrie’s long green tutu in the dramatic Paris finale.  Materials include Colorbond finishes in Woodland Grey and Shale Grey, Harmony roof tiles in Monsoon black, or a combination of Manhattan-inspired feature brickwork with Colorbond Surfmist and Shale Grey. Like Standford and Anthony, these colour texture combinations are a match made in SATC heaven.

The interiors line-up

Comparable to the vibrant, multi-coloured Birkin bag collection Carrie drapes across her shoulders, the strong, bold colours of Mod-chic are the hallmark of this theme, creating a focal point within the home. We love eye-catching cabinetry like Laminex French Navy in the kitchen, contrasting the dark hues contrasting with Laminex Pure Mineralstone II benchtops. Elegant light fixtures and just the right amount of well-chosen accessories are used to finish off the space, allowing the bold colours to take center stage. It’s like finding the perfect element of shine in your jewellery to compliment your signature LBD (little black dress for those not in the lingo).

Our top Mod-Chic picks:

1. The Manhattan Velvet Armchair in an Emerald green (it’s like its name was made for this blog) is a gorgeous, plush velvet tub chair that is finished with a polished gold base.

2. Can a gal really have enough gold? No. The sculptural gold look Table Lamp by Kmart will illuminate your Carrie diary-entry nook and won’t break up with you over a post-it note. Bonus.

3. The Nest Side Table by our faves over at Freedom Furniture is artisan crafted from Acacia timber and marble for a decadent mod-chic look.

4. For the Sex and the City meets Great Gatsby vibe, the Kmart Scalloped Jacquard Rug is made from recycled cotton and will pull your home décor together like a Chanel tote.

5. We need to add a little Aus to the this scene, so this beautiful print by Anya Brock is an absolute must and will bring an extra pop of colour and vibrancy dahlings.

6. Because Carrie’s iconic Green floral dress she wore with that Eiffel tower bag is everything, we had to find more green for your interior. These Lush Green Velvet Cushions by Living by Design add a sophisticated ooh-la-la aesthetic.

7. Treat yourself because as its name suggests, this Cosmos Console Table is perfect for a cosmopolitan. The combination of Oak and Terrazzo will make a contemporary statement in your entryway.

8. This Adair’s Dark Amber Vase with ribbed texture will bring warmth and charm to your mod-chic interior.


With all these and many more elements to enjoy, Mod Chic offers a truly elegant and refined design choice for your Sex and the City rerun marathon – no shame in living vicariously through this chic bunch. View our collection in full today to see how it can help you elevate your everyday lifestyle to the next level. Similar to an SATC ep and a fine wine, this mod-chic palette only gets better with age.

Gushing over our effortlessly elegant Mod Chic style? Check out our Mod Chic Pinterest Board.

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Written by Jazmine

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