Maximising Space on Small Block House Plans

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Sometimes size does matter – and lucky for you our design smarts are not limited by space. In fact, it’s the exact opposite!

Okay, so it’s time to get real and forget what your mother told you. Sometimes size does matter, and that’s especially true when it comes to your new home! When we build homes, we build them to last a lifetime, and that means having the space to evolve as you do. Luckily for you, we’ve found a way to build BIG new homes on heaps of different block sizes, including small ones.

Smaller lots are getting more and more common in Perth – SOR, NOR, out east, and even down south are all getting hit with the trend, and it actually makes a lot of sense. See, smaller block sizes allow for our population to keep growing and for more families to live in areas that are swelling with amenities – like a café strip, shopping outlets, sports clubs anyway- at a price they can actually afford. So, we decided not to get mad about smaller block sizes but to get even!! (apparently, Robert Kennedy originally said this but it’s feeling more like a Goldie Hawn quote circa early 90’s to us – more sass that way!) How? By not limiting our designs and thus our customers’ dreams in any way based on block size. If you’ve snapped up your perfect slice of land and it just so happens to be narrow, we’re ready to work our design magic and ensure that your smaller block doesn’t mean a smaller home. Yep, bigger truly is better, especially when it comes to inclusions 😉

Source: The Bianca – Kitchen & Scullery

What’s Your Size?

No matter what block size you’re working with, it’s our job to use all of our smarty smarts to make sure your home is perfectly suited to you and your family. It’s all about our favourite new buzz term: LA. No, not the city The Hills is filmed in, Liveable Areas. If you work with this kinda LA on the mind you can’t go wrong. Narrow lot designs are certainly no hindrance; with the right designer (and builder) on your side, you can maximise the LA of any block. Even narrow style cottage lots with a minimum frontage of 7.5m can be perfectly suited to a home that’s filled to the brim with smart solutions, square meterage and storage.

Smart Solutions

When it comes to narrow lot home design and smaller block house plans, we usually design the home for your block, not the other way around. This means we take into account the shape, solar orientation (gotta have that natural right, amirite?), and proximity to neighbouring blocks. If we tried to design the house first and fit a cookie cutter home onto your unique block of land, it would be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Can’t see much LA going into that execution, never mind all the inclusions we spoke about earlier.

That being said, an existing design is always a great place to start when you’re trying to get the creative juices flowing. Which is why we have a range of narrow lot/ cottage lot designs on-file and online for you to swoon over. See. There are rear loaders, front loaders, 7.5m design all the way up to 11m design, all with lots of space (up to 204m2 of it), speccy inclusions, and smarts. It’s like all the hard work has been done for you by a team of expert narrow lot home builders…Wait, that’s exactly what it’s like!

And, if you just so happen to find the perfect round peg for that round hole while lookin’ over said pre-designed designs – ie. the perfect narrow lot home for your narrow lot block – then all the more cheers to you. And, if you don’t, we’ll customise one to suit or 100% start from scratch – Free design services for the win!  Wait, did you just skim over that last line? Let’s double back because it’s important and sets us apart from most of the other builders out there: Free. Design Services. You may be a first home buyer, a downsizer with room to spare, or someone who’s looking to increase their investment portfolio with a very rentable narrow lot home; whatever your situation, we’ve got moves like the Situation and free design services that’ll ensure your small block home design feels just as spacious as a home that’s on a block double the size. Here are some of the ways we do it. (and some of the smarts you can borrow to do the same).


Source: The Escape – Living Room

Your Go-To Guide

  1. Ask your builder how close to the boundary you can build. An extra 0.5m frontage might equate to 10+m2 across the length of the property. An extra 10+ m2 you could use to double the size of your ensuite, add in a soaking tub, look at twin showers, consider his and hers walk-in robes. Just imagine…Then ask
  2. Consider reducing the garage space or going for a 1 x garage design – undercover parking is great, but a bonus theatre…. that’s something to brag about!
  3. Bring the outdoors in via sliding or bifold doors out to the alfresco, or a central courtyard. Natural light does wonders for spaciousness
  4. Think high. No not like a rooftop bar (yet) but rather high ceilings. 28c is the standard ceiling course, but for a narrow lot home, we recommend boosting this all the way up to 31c and beyond. It’s all about perspective and a smaller space can gain the appearance of being bigger through this simple visual trick. Voids and wall cut-outs are also a cool idea, as are raked ceilings
  5. Built-in storage = hidden clutter = more visual space. Smart storage solutions can be added to the nooks and crannies of your home without impacting the liveable areas. Other storage options to consider include: kitchen overheads, built-in wine racks (say, in the entertaining area)
  6. Replace doors with sliding doors (this one is essential!)
  7. Make spaces multipurpose e.g. combine an activity area with a study or create an open plan space that houses the dining room and living room
  8. Remove walls, don’t add them!
  9. Add an alfresco area to make the living area feel as though it extends to the back of the property
  10. Go for a study nook or IT nook over a full study. Laptops and tablets are so thin these days and everything is paperless – there’s no need to lose a room to a study
  11. Turn your island bench into a multi-use dining table removing the need for a separate dining room, or consider using the alfresco as your sole dining area
  12. Try to design with as little hallway as possible. They’re beautiful, sure, but often represent wasted space and with a narrow lot design ain’t nobody got time for wasted space.

Get Clicking

Now that you’re all clued up on how narrow lot home designs and small block house plans can still deliver the goods, check out our narrow lot designs from $146,990*. Our design smarties have already done the hard work for you so just add in some key details and get your vision board ready. If you haven’t heard about this range, you’re about to get taught. Big time. ’Coz these homes are all about biggy bigness, in a nice and neat narrow design of course. Enjoy! Oh, and if you ever get stuck or just want to chat through ideas give us a buzz on (08) 9241 1300.