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Jul 14, 2015 | Building Tips

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Get interior design inspiration for your home theatre with our helpful Smart Tips.

The home theatre is an entertainment retreat for yourself, your family and guests.

1. Colour

The home theatre is often built around a dark palette. Darker tones make your design look like a mini-movie theatre as well as emphasise focus on the screen. However, lighter colours can still be utilised if that’s what you prefer. A suggestion that will make the decision making process easier is to put all your colour and design ideas onto a ‘mood board’, to create a visual direction of what you like and where you’re heading with this area of the home.

Mood board example - Source:

Mood board example – Source:













Above is an example of what can be done with a mood board. Go wild with different images, designs, colours and even fabrics. This is a great way to see what everything will look like once put together and whether it’s the look you’re going for.

2. Walls 

One option would be a paint finish in a vinyl matte emulsion or a dark wallpaper. If you’re feeling experimental – go for a bold, patterned wall paper.

3. Floor

Timber flooring is great as a low maintenance choice, however teaming it with a statement rug will bring some warmth into the theatre. Carpet is often the preferred choice as it creates a cosy, intimate feel. Carpet also reduces unwanted sound and frankly, it does feel great underneath your feet. Get creative with colours and choose something that stands out amongst the other furniture if you desire a bold statement or go with a darker rug if you want focus to be elsewhere.

4. Ceiling

Although it is recommended to paint the ceiling in darker tones – such as brown or grey, white continues to be a popular choice for the home theatre to bring the illusion of more space. Although, if you wanted to experiment with a black ceiling, the home theatre is definitely the room to do it in.

5. Seating

Red is a popular colour for theatre seating however there are many varieties of fabrics to choose from. Start with a simple black or chocolate brown leather couch and work from there.

6. Lighting

Lighting should never detract you from your viewing experience, so subtle illumination is what you’re looking for. Recessed and concealed lighting is ideal where possible. Like the cinema, LED floor lighting can be left on while the rest of the lighting is off during a home movie session, to give the ideal theatre vibe.

7. Visual + Audio

Sure, your home theatre may look great with the well thought-out colours, but no theatre design is complete without great sound and visual experience. You need maximum clarity within your room and therefore you need to shop for premium speakers and place them in the best areas of your theatre for quality surround sound. If you need further advice on where they should go, consult the salesperson when purchasing your speakers and if all else fails, read the instructions.


Get some inspirational home theatre design ideas from Smart Homes for Living below. What’s your favourite look?:


A cottage-designed Home Theatre with an open airy feel. Seen in The Contender Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


A bold red feature wall. Seen in The Exemplar Display Home.


The industrial style removable wall decal in this home theatre gives it a gritty, warehouse look. Seen in The Gallardo Display Home by Smart Homes for Living


A darker-colour schemed theatre with carpet gives a cosy, welcoming feel. Seen in The Fusion Display Home by Smart Homes for Living


Grey walls, timber flooring and a complimentary rug complete this theatre. Seen in The Commander Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


Go for the complete opposite of what is usually expected in a home theatre with white walls, a white couch but dark carpet. Seen in The Octave Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


Make one wall in your home theatre the stand-out feature. A dark rug will add warmth to your light timber flooring. Seen in The Onyx Display Home by Smart Homes for Living.


If you got windows in your home theatre, go a little lighter with the walls and flooring. Seen in The Wisdom Display Home by Smart Homes for Living


Featured Image: Smart Homes for Living

Written by Siobhan


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