Top 5 Tips for Building Your Dream Home in 2016

Feb 29, 2016 | Home Designs

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Building a house is an investment that is meant to last. Here is five tips to help you make smart…

Building a house is an investment that is meant to last. Therefore, it is wise to plan well into the future. Is your family growing? Would you like to have more space to entertain? Is the house in a location suitable for the foreseeable future? Your answers to these questions will help in making smart decisions and will ensure you end up with a great home.

Here are our five smart tips to help you build your dream home:

1. Budget well

Building a new home is an exciting experience, but it can be overwhelming at times. Having a clear understanding of all of the costs involved in the building process – such as site costs, government fees, stamp duty and add-ons, can help you modify your plans to meet your budget and ensure your dreams become a reality.

2. Do your research

Picking the right location is one of the biggest decision to make. If you work in the city, access to public transportation or distance from the CBD should be a prime consideration. However, if you are willing to drive slightly further, there are a variety of options as well.

Research the area to have a better understanding of the potential growth in the future. Access to good schools, parks, shops and other amenities are a great factor to consider if you are indecisive about the location. Are there future building proposals in place that you should know about? Contact your local council for information on your particular location.

3. Be smart when choosing your floor plan

Before deciding on the floor plan, you have to think about the orientation of your home. This is often an overlooked subject but it’s an important detail when building your new home.

The layout of your rooms and living areas will determine which part of the house will get more sunlight during the day. The south side is the coolest side so it will be more suitable for bedrooms. Whilst the north side will get more daylight so it’s great for living areas. Choosing your floor plan wisely will not only increase the value of your home, but will also help you save on energy consumption and therefore costs.

iDesign by Smart Homes for Living

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4. Nail down the plan before building

It’s easy to think about how many bedrooms you need or how spacious you want your living areas to be, but you can’t forget the other details too. You need to consider things like extra storage, or extra space for guests you may have staying with you periodically.

To help you with your budgeting, get a list of everything that is included in the price and make a decision on the add-ons and upgrades. Changing things during the construction process can influence both the budget and timeline for completion.

5. Safety features

Feeling safe and secure in your home is extremely important. Planning for things such as fire exits, exterior lighting and a security system go a long way in improving the safety of your new home.


If you have any questions about building your new home contact Smart Homes For Living.

For more Smart Tips for your home, check out our “Customise the Smart Way with Smart Homes For Living


Written by Siobhan


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