Lock up stage


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You’re locked and about to get loaded

Your home can now officially be locked up! And hey, even if you’re not in this stage of construction (finding the perfect Smart home takes time, we get it), read on to see what’s in store for your future.

If you are about to get locked and loaded, it means that you have a door *check*, the windows are in *check*, the building wrap and external walls are all done *check*, and the fascia and soffit boards are all in place *check mate*! 

Wait. What are fascias and soffit boards?

Well, these fancy architectural finishes are more than just a design feature. They’re found along the eaves and protect the exterior of your home by keeping pests out of your roof. If you’ve ever tried to sleep through a pest party in your roof, you’ll know why this is so important! They also give you a way to disguise ventilation for your attic. Oh, and they give that finishing design touch to your home.

The lock-up law

With lockup comes security – reducing the risk of onsite vandalization or theft which, sadly, is a common occurrence in WA. Now that’s sorted, it’s a heck of a lot safer (and smarter) to start kitting out your home with all those fancy appliances and fixtures. Let there be LIGHT! 

This stage also includes plumbing and carpentry with sanitary ware and cabinetry installation. Your ceramic tiles will also be delivered and, once they arrive onsite, you’ll get a call from us to arrange a ‘Lock up meeting’ with your building supervisor.


Up next? Tiling.