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Apr 26, 2022 | Design and Interior Decoration

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The real problem with binge-watching shows like Selling Sunset is that your own house starts to look kinda shabby in comparison. But the secret those designer stores don’t tell you is that you can create a luxe look in your pad without spending the funds for your next Europe trip (there’s a lot of Prosecco to cover).

We’ve all seen it done with fashion, right? Invest in some wardrobe staples like a good pair of denim jeans or a quality coat, then mix it with some affordable pieces that look the part (only the likes of Zendaya would see the difference!).

We’re here to reveal a bunch of designer secrets that’ll make your home look super fancy and have your friends wondering when you won the lotto!

Neutral Wood Dining Table

Start with neutrals

Neutral may sound like the opposite of your glam, extra style, but don’t panic it’s just the base for your unique decor. White walls and neutral furniture are a blank canvas, letting you upgrade your space whenever you feel like it and switch the theme to match seasonal trends (only the 1% can afford ALL new stuff every year). Not to mention, keeping it paired back and simple is totally timeless — lean into those Emma Watson vibes!


Splurge on the big stuff

Like we said earlier, the best way to level up your interior is to buy a few big-ticket items that are built to last — things like couches, bed frames, and dining tables. Just think, you don’t want to be sitting on an uncomfortable, cheap couch every night looking at the four-figure light fitting you bought instead…

These are the big items that you’ll want to keep neutral, as you’ll keep them for years while the rest of the decor changes. So go for grey, beige, or even black (if you don’t have a fur baby — because, hairs) for your couch and then timber, black, or white for furniture pieces like the dining table. We don’t want to limit you though, if you’re in a cute boutique and spot an artwork or ornament that really speaks to you then go for it!

The Grand Stella display with big funky artwork and green velvet couch

Go oversize

It’s just like you say to your mates on a Friday night, go big or go home! Think statement rugs, artwork, and mirrors. Impressive pieces like this will draw attention — no one will notice your IKEA coffee table when they’re trying to sneakily touch your amazingly soft rug!

*Insider hint* Try Etsy, FINEPRINTCO, or Urban Road to source some banging prints. FYI, Urban Road includes a neat little quiz to help you find the perfect wall piece and then lets you see what the final product would look like! Otherwise, Temple & Webster is another awesome option for finding home accessories at a bargain price.


Play with textures

We hate to say it, but without mixing the textures up, your place could look a bit #basic. To avoid your house looking like a stock photo, just go nuts with materials like velvet, wool, wood, glass, and woven fabrics. This doesn’t mean expensive though, all of your throws and cushions could come from Kmart… But it won’t look like it! We’re gonna mention fashion again (sorry, we think about clothes waaay too much), it’s just like completing an outfit, layering makes your home feel more ‘put together’.

Live Luxe on a Budget Curtains

Invest in curtains that hit the floor

No one really thinks about curtains, they’re kind of like the other members of the Harry Styles boyband… (who were they again?) But nice curtains actually make a difference. There’s no way you can make your house worthy of Architectural Digest without some gorg floor-length curtains. Don’t forget to measure up your windows properly and pick a lush fabric — otherwise, you’ll never fool anyone!

Luckily, you’ll score affordable curtains from Spotlight and curtain rods from IKEA. By mixing and matching like this you can make them fit perfectly and get materials that look high-quality without hurting your wallet.

Smart Homes for Living Plants

Let your pot plant addiction go wild

Your days of hiding that weekly plant purchase from your partner are over! Now you can proudly tell them we gave you permission. Leafy plants give any room a major boost, making it seem lush and peaceful — and as you know from your late-night online plant shopping, they’re super cheap!

So there you have it, smarties! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of inexpensive ways to make your home look more luxxy on a budget. We look forward to seeing the results in your insta pic backgrounds, but we won’t reveal your secrets!


Create an accent wall

Accent walls give that real Peppermint Grove vibe — like the only ‘jobs’ you have are decorating your home, and you’ve put thought into it. But you don’t need too much time or money to make an extra boujee wall; you could even just paint it a bold statement colour. We’re also obsessing over a panelled wall for the living or bedroom, which you could DIY with bits from Bunnings. DW, you don’t have to qualify for The Block for this job!


Live Luxe on a Budget Blog Picks

Add metallics and decorations

Metal items have this magic quality where they automatically look expensive — think the ‘industrial’ look that so many hipster cafes go for, those places don’t look cheap. Add metallic objects like clocks, light fixtures, and ornaments to your home and even though they’re Target/Kmart-sourced (and a few bucks more than the plastic ones) you’ll give the place some wow factor. If you’re going for glitz and glam there are plenty of shiny knickknacks you can get on Amazon (if you’re a savvy online shopper like us).

1. Marmo Marble Table Lamp: What says luxe more than marble? Best part? It’s only 20 bucks!

2. Rattan Look Tray: Rattan is totes in this season, so go ham with another Kmart steal.

3. Artificial Rubber Plant: For those that dig the low-maintenance lifestyle…

4. Bubble Candle: Just 4 bucks for one of those expenno looking bubble candles? Say no more.

5. Baywatch Framed Print: Kmart is really doing the most with their variety of luxxy, chic prints.

6. Triple Loop Knot: Pop one of these bad boys on your table to complete your styling lewk.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Catwalk Book:  Channel your inner fashionista, brand-snob self with designer fashion books (dw, these books are under 100 buckeroonies).

8. Gold Beetle: Who doesn’t want a gold beetle lighting the place up?

9. Charcoal Luca Silent Wall Clock: A charcoal clock with gold accents, luxe level 100.

So there you have it, smarties! We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of inexpensive ways to make your home look more luxxy on a budget. We look forward to seeing the results in your insta pic backgrounds, but we won’t reveal your secrets!


Written by Jazmine

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